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In this article we want to explain how to clean your wood-effect porcelain tiles, one of today’s most popular flooring materials, which over the last ten years has seen an increasingly more refined evolution in the reproduction of the natural grain of wood.

It is in these very grain that dirt tends to stick and is often difficult to clean. To solve this problem, FILA has devised products to guarantee cleaning and protection against dirt for your floor in wood-effect porcelain tiles.


Initial cleaning of a new floor in wood-effect tiles

The first thing to do is make sure that the floor is really clean, with thorough removal of that at times almost invisible film that inevitably forms after laying of this kind of tile. It is therefore indispensable to use an acid detergent like DETERDEK for the initial cleaning, the only product that eliminates all kinds of laying residues (glue, grouting, concrete,…) and guarantees correct initial cleaning.

How to use?
First of all, wet the floor with a little water, then pour a dilution of DETERDEK and hot water (1 litre of product every 5 of water). Work on just a few metres at a time, wait 2-3 minutes and rub hard with a flat brush (or single-brush machine). Finally, mop up the residues with a cloth and complete by rinsing with plenty of water.

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How to clean a floor in wood-effect porcelain tiles: ordinary maintenance

For daily cleaning of the floor, it is important to use a neutral detergent that does not leave any residue on the surface. For this reason, we recommend using FILACLEANER, a delicate yet effective product, ideal for ordinary maintenance of floors in wood-effect porcelain tiles. Normal detergents, on the other hand,  often contain shine additives that deposit on the floor and over time form unsightly streaks and marks or, even worse, make the surface slightly sticky, therefore attracting dirt even more easily.
Dilute 25 ml (three capfuls) of FILACLEANER in 5 litres of water and clean the floor. FILACLEANER leaves no residues, does not require rinsing and can be used on any kind of surface.

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How to protect wood-effect porcelain tiles against dirt

After cleaning your wood-effect tiles, we recommend protecting them with FILASTOP DIRT, a truly effective product that creates a barrier against dirt and therefore making everyday maintenance easier.
FILASTOP DIRT creates no surface film, it chemically binds to the material without altering its original appearance, it prevents dirt from becoming stuck in the fake grains of wood-effect porcelain tiles, it helps to stop water pooling and makes cleaning of the surface itself easier.

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  1. Porcelain wood look tile has dull areas where dog urinated. What can I do to correct this. When you look across the floor you can see every spot. When I originally clean it I use a cleaner from the pet store I notice that it looks like a film of wax comes up if the urine has set for a while, leaves spot very dull. Floor is 6 yrs old.

    1. Hi Julie, our technical support has contacted you via email to help you find the best treatment to solve the problem.

  2. Hi,
    my glazed gress porcelein tiles are dirty, can I protect them with filajet or fila stop dirt or some other protector?
    Thank you.

    1. This kind of stains are normally caused by commercial detergents for porcelain tiles which generally contains some wax components foreseen to give a glazed aspect to the floor. Indeed these components create during time residueal accumulations. The causes of the halos and marks on porcelain tiles usually depend on these residual accumulations on the surface of polishing-effect maintenance products that leave on the floor the waxy substances that over time create residual accumulation and a sensitive layer.

      In these cases, we recommend an extraordinary cleaning to be done:

      a) first with FILAPS87, a degreasing stain removing detergent.
      b) and then with DETERDEK, a buffered acid removing inorganic stains.

      For ordinary manitenance:
      We would like then reccommend FILACLEANER, a concentrated neutral detergent without waxy components.

      In case the floor will result particularly sensitive to dirt, you can treat it with FILASTOP DIRT, a protective barrier against dirt.
      • It mproves the material’s resistance to dirt caused by traffic.
      • Protects the material against watery or oily stains.
      • And facilitates cleaning of the surfaces.

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      We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

      Best Regards,


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