Meet the writers who blog for Fila Surface Care



I graduated in Public Relations in 2003. In November of the same year I started working in FILA’s Marketing office. Today, I deal with communications and setting up FILA events.

What is the favorite corner of my home? It’s the kitchen where I love preparing delicious desserts to sweeten up the days. It’s easy to clean up afterwards with FILA!



I’ve worked as Fila’s marketing manager since July 2009. I deal with strategic planning and the coordination of day to day activities. How could I forget that just after arriving in the company, thanks to the help of my new colleagues in the Fila laboratory, I solved a problem concerning the ceramic flooring in the living room of my house very easily. In fact, in the 3 years since I moved into a new house with my family, despite cleaning the floor almost daily, it was always dirty… as I could see from the soles of the socks my my daughters wore around the house! What was the problem? The floor surface had not been properly cleaned after it had been laid, so I armed myself with a brush, a rag and Deterdek and … miraculously, the floor immediately returned to its original splendor!

What’s my favorite corner of the house? The kitchen, where I love to relax by preparing good food for my family and friends.



I have a degree in Public Relations with a major in Advertising Consumption. I’ve worked for Fila since 2008 and I work on mass market distribution for specialized markets.

How do I see my home? For me it’s a big container which lets me to collect and conserve all the interesting objects I find in local out-door flea and antique markets.



Graduated in Communication Sciences in Padova, i joined Fila in 2011 thanks to a scholarship. Now i am Junior Account and i travel around Italy visiting our chain-store retailers.

I dream of a home of my own, immersed in greenery, on the shore of a lake perhaps, where with my partner I’ll raise my children. In my old age, I’ll relax on the patio! Only a dream? Nothing is impossible if you have the right motivation!



My name is Francesco Pettenon. After graduating in Political Science, I joined the company in 2000 as Area Manager for the UK and Eire. In 2006 I completed an Executive Master in Business Administration at Cimba in Asolo. Today I am Fila Spa’s sales manager and I deal with business development strategy and the consolidation of domestic and foreign markets, and in particular those markets which our branch focuses on.

As I travel a lot, for me my home must be a place for physical and mental regeneration. Each space must be pleasant, friendly, and energizing!



I have a degree in Visual Communications and Multimedia and have worked for Fila since 2008 where I deal with marketing, catalogs, web and social networks.

What’s the thing I love most about my home? My sofa where I can curl up in the company of a good book.



An International Political Science graduate, I’ve been working for Fila in the export department for about a year and a half, where I keep an eye on several export markets.

I’m busy with the construction of my future new home where I’m testing and appreciating the effectiveness of FILA products!



Hi, I’m Mary and I’m a chemist. I joined the Fila team 10 years ago. Today, I’m a Product Manager who’s responsible for Fila’s products.

My home comes after relationships and work in terms of importance, but I love every single corner of my house.



I joined Fila a few months ago as Head of Exhibitions & Events

My training began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration, which I followed up with a Master in Marketing Management.

I have a background in the telecommunications and energy sectors, where I dealt with Strategic Marketing, Event Management and Communications.

What does my home mean to me? Actually, although I really love traveling, I want to return to a place where I can express my creativity and my personal style, which is why I dedicated a lot of time to it using the Fila cleaning solutions I discovered relatively recently – but now can’t do without!