The Importance of Tile and Grout Cleaning | Why it’s Not Just About The Look

Ceramic and porcelain tiles make a brilliant choice if you’re looking for stylish yet resilient flooring. The nature of flooring, however, is that it tends to breeds germs, even if your tiles look physically clean. The thing is, you don’t necessarily need to see dirt for it to be there; the number of bacteria we face on a daily basis really is quite shocking. So before we focus on tile and grout cleaning, let’s look at the facts, read on for a reality check on floor hygiene.

A reality check on floor hygiene

A range of practices to keep our environment healthy, hygiene matters in all areas of life. It also prevents and reduces the risk of infection, disease and illness; in fact, Hygieia was even the Greek goddess of health. By keeping your flooring clean, you’ll stop germs in their tracks and avoid your family developing any nasty allergies or worse. Here are three flooring facts that’ll make you squirm – you’ll never ignore the housework again:

Most mops heads are full of germs

Mop buckets have long been the go-to solution for vinyl and tiles and are a fast way to tackle a spill. Traditional mop heads, however, are a total no-go, as it’s possible you’re making the floor dirtier rather than cleaner. Thankfully, a microfiber mop is a more hygienic option and, when used, can reduce bacteria by 96 per cent. Pair with a dual compartment mop bucket to prevent any re-soiling for even better floor sanitation.

Bacteria is all around us

No matter how hard or how often you clean, you may find the same stains, and that’s because they are caused by different types of bacteria. If there’s one thing for sure, germs are all around us, and it’s nearly impossible to prevent them from getting on tiles. There are many reasons why these stain-causing microbes could initially develop, but they usually stick around because they thrive off humidity and food. Stopping them in their tracks, however, before they cause damage like mould, is the best way to keep your tiles looking lovely for longer.

Bad habits won’t help us either

While we’re all guilty of a bad habit or two, some minor errors can actually undo your hard work. For instance, not removing your shoes can bring health hazards indoors, such as the bacteria Campylobacter, strains of E.coli and parasitic worms. And it only gets worse with other unpleasant matter, such as athlete’s foot fungus left behind on floors by bare feet. Whilst most microbes are harmless, the right cleaning products will help eradicate those that could cause serious harm.

5 tile and grout cleaning tips for a better regime

1. Clean regularly with SANIFAST, a neutral detergent

The secret to spick and span floors? A regular clean that starts with a vacuum or sweep! Most people will only notice that their floors need a clean when it’s too late, but remember, it’s not just about how it looks. For optimum health, we say clean even when it looks clean, so every couple of days, disinfect tiles and grout with FILA SANIFAST. We’d also recommend a deep clean every two to three weeks to keep sneaky bacteria at bay for flooring that doesn’t just look clean, but it actually is – see tip 3 for more details on this!

2. Tackle mould and mildew head on

No matter how vigorous your cleaning technique, without the right products, bacteria is simply ‘spread around’. ALGACID is great for the quick removal of mould and will prevent further buildup to avoid the permanent staining of grout.

3. FUGANET and PS87 PRO will keep your grout cleaner

Tile and grout cleaning should be a regular thing, not just for hygiene but to keep your floors in excellent condition. We like to come at it with FILA’s five-star system, which not only tackles the tile surface but also the grout lines too. FILA’s PS87 PRO is a great cleaner for tiles, removing the dirt without running the risk of scratches through vigorous scrubbing. Additionally, FUGANET is a grout cleaner for in-between joints – simply spray directly onto the grout before rinsing with water and following with a grout protector.

4. Use a grout sealer spray

After using FILA’s grout cleaner, it’s time for a grout protector, and FUGAPROOF will seal grout lines to defend them from dirt. Better still, not only is this grout sealer environmentally friendly, but it’s also VOC free meaning you can enjoy a guilt-free squeaky clean home.

5. BRIO is excellent at cleaning floors fast!

There’s nothing worse than surprise visitors at a moments notice – what do you do when your flooring needs a clean fast? Look to FILA’s BRIO, of course, perfect for cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles, and the best part? It’s quick as it doesn’t need rinsing!

In summary, tile and grout cleaning is vital….even when they look clean… 

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you enjoyed learning more about tile and grout cleaning! Remember, just because your flooring looks clean, it doesn’t mean that it is – speak to our team to arrange all the FILA products you need! Thanks again.

fila products for tile and grout cleaning
The Importance of Tile and Grout Cleaning | Why it’s Not Just About The Look.

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  1. I totally agree with what you said that germs and bacteria are always present despite us deeply cleaning our space. My tiles are getting dirty, because I rarely clean it. Ever since I got hired, all I do is work. That being said, I think the best way to solve this is to hire an excellent tile cleaning services.

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