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How to remove red wine from polished granite

Polished granite is a fabulously hardwearing material and makes a great kitchen work surface. Most marks will wipe away but, if wine is left in contact with the surface – say, from a spillage or the bottom of a bottle or glass – it can absorb into the granite and be difficult to remove. Lemon […]

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Restore shine safely with FILAKRISTALL PLUS

Bringing back the shine to polished natural stone can be a tricky business – but Fila has the answer: FILAKRISTALL PLUS

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Surface sealing made easy with FILAMP90 ECO

Tile sealants play an essential role in protecting natural materials – and make surfaces easier to maintain.  But, contrary to belief, application needn’t be time consuming or unpleasant! The new breed of solvent-free products – like FILAMP90 ECO – have been developed to provide fast, safe application, without any compromise in performance.  As FILAMP90 ECO […]

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