The Best Cleaner for Concrete Flooring Plus Protection and Maintenance Tips

Once viewed as a surface saved for outside, concrete flooring is fast becoming a popular choice in modern home design. Not only does it provide a hardwearing, durable option, but it’s also incredibly sleek and looks fabulous in any room. Concrete flooring is additionally easy to clean and can be laid with underfloor heating for an ultra-modern seamless look. The advantages to concrete flooring are endless, and if already you’ve taken the plunge, here’s how to clean and protect yours.

Concrete flooring at a glance

If you’re confused by the term before we begin, let us look at three different options of concrete flooring:

Interior concrete tile

A cheaper alternative to poured concrete, concrete tiles make a convenient, practical choice. For instance, it is far easier to lift up individual tiles if a section gets damaged or you wish to install underfloor heating. Concrete tiles can also be laid in any room and are created to last but still need to be sealed as you would with poured concrete. They’re additionally available in a range of great shades, from pale grey to charcoal, and can be picked up in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

External concrete

Concrete block paving was first popular during the late seventies and early eighties. At the time, there was a very limited choice when it came to colours, but since then, the market has significantly grown. Nowadays, homeowners love concrete for modern block paving and are spoilt for choice with a range of different textures and colours. Concrete paving slabs can also create amazing driveways, patios and paths and replicate natural stone for a beautiful look at a lower cost.

Poured concrete flooring

The most expensive option but so worth the investment, poured concrete flooring creates a cool, industrious look. It also generally has a more natural appearance and is great for large spaces like the ground floor of an open-plan home. Poured concrete can also come in your dream finish from classic polished to pitted, raked, rugged and brushed. It’s also suitable for indoors or out, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking to blur the line between your garden and home.

The best stain protector for concrete flooring

Concrete may be an attractive, hardwearing choice for the busy home, but did you know this material is highly porous and sensitive to acid? This means to prolong the life of your floor, it needs to be treated with a dust-resistant, water and oil-repellent sealer. For excellent protection against stains on polished internal concrete, the best stain protector is FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME. This sealer not only provides a natural finish and leaves the concrete unaltered but also waterproofs and facilitates cleaning.

For internal structured concrete, CONCRETE SHIELD can be applied, but not before carrying out a test of this sealer on a small area. If the product has been incorrectly applied, this sealer can be removed with PS87 PRO before applying an alternative like MP90 ECO XTREME.

Where CONCRETE SHIELD really comes into its own is with external concrete to protect the investment you have made in your property. Whether it’s barbeques, oil spills or bad weather, this concrete sealer will keep patios and driveways in tip-top condition. This 3-in-1 sealer not only consolidates and makes external concrete stronger but also enhances the gloss level of the surface and offers maximum anti-dust and stain protection.

Before applying the appropriate sealer, clean polished concrete with a pH-neutral cleaner like CLEANER PRO or PS87 PRO for a more structured finish. After the sealer is applied, a protective wax can be used to ensure internal floors are easy to clean!

Don’t forget your protective wax 

For further protection for indoor concrete flooring, we recommend the application of a protective wax. This will further help to safeguard from dirt, stains and abrasion and take the daily brunt of wear and tear. With wax, minor scratches are also easier to buff and is why this coating is often referred to as a ‘sacrificial protective layer’. Choose from FILA’s SATIN wax for a satin finish or MATT, a matte effect wax for a modern matte look.

The best cleaner for maintaining concrete flooring

Other than needing to apply a protective sealer, concrete flooring is actually pretty easy to clean. Still, we need to remember, however, that concrete is an acid-sensitive stone and should be maintained with a pH-neutral cleaner. Any substances with a pH lower than 7 can damage your floor, so the best cleaner for concrete is FILA’s CLEANER PRO. This cleaner will also protect against any opacifying layers which can dull your concrete, and for ordinary maintenance, there’s also no need to rinse!

Find out more about CONCRETE SHIELD

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you enjoyed and have had all of your concrete flooring questions answered. To find out more about our fantastic new product, CONCRETE SHIELD, why not drop any queries you have in the comments section? Thanks again.

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The Best Cleaner for Concrete Flooring Plus Protection and Maintenance Tips

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