5 Patio Tiles for a Stylish Backyard Plus Tips to Keep Them Looking Their Best

A fundamental aspect of garden design, patio tiles instantly make an outdoor space smart and attractive. If you’re overwhelmed by your options, however, we have you covered – our latest post is dedicated to finding ‘the one’. Your tiles should also be weatherproof, slip-proof, and, if possible, complement your interior for a cohesive effect. Whether you prefer a traditional look or are more modern at heart, read on for our top picks, including tips to keep them clean.

1. Porcelain patio tiles

Porcelain tiles offer many benefits and can be a stylish, budget-friendly option. Use to create a Mediterranean-style patio vibe or a sweet garden path; the potential porcelain brings really is endless! Porcelain tiles are also non-porous, so they won’t crack with the frost and are resistant to scratching and UV rays. Make sure to choose a slip-resistant unpolished finish for safe garden fun, here’s how to care for porcelain tiles:

The best cleaner for outdoor porcelain tiles

Many issues with porcelain stem from the wrong type of cleaning, but with DETERDEK PRO, you can ensure your tiles fully perform from the day they are laid. This versatile product also acts as a limescale detergent for salt residues left behind from rain and snow.

To achieve spotless porcelain patio tiles, they need upkeep, and CLEANER PRO is the best cleaner for ordinary maintenance. FILA’s PS87 PRO is also great for tough stains – simply pour this professional cleaner undiluted onto the tile and leave to act before rinsing. STOP DIRT is another great product for porcelain tiles, a dirt-repellent that makes cleaning both quick and easy. Additionally, ALGACID removes algae and mould – why not have a read of our guide to cleaning porcelain tiles?

2. Slate paving slabs

An incredibly durable option, slate is great for outdoors, and its uneven surface provides natural non-slip patio tiles. It’s also a stone that’s truly unique thanks to its natural appeal, and it can be found in many beautiful shades. From black to deep grey, red, heather and green, slate makes an attractive option when it comes to patio tiles. It does, however, need to be sealed against stains, but it is worth the time, here’s more about caring for slate:

How to clean and protect slate

Although a durable option, some slates are acid-sensitive stones because they contain a significant amount of calcium carbonate. Any products you use on these slates, therefore, need to be kind to gently clean but not attack the surface. CLEANER PRO is FILA’s concentrated cleaner that can be used for any surface but is particularly great for stones that can’t handle strong detergents. Likewise, PS87 PRO is another professional cleaner for slate and is great for removing more stubborn oily stains. Again, ALGACID can be used to keep mould and mildew at bay, but slate should still be sealed to create a protective barrier. FILA’s stone protector range includes a solvent and water-based option, choose from FOB XTREME and MP90 ECO XTREME.

3. Other popular natural stone

Tiles made from limestone, granite and marble are all great for outdoors and offer a very elegant finish. Remember, however, patio tiles can get slippy and so a textured surface will prevent any mishaps with your natural stone. Limestone offers a choice of creamy, rich tones but make sure to check you can use it outside – some grades of this stone cannot cope with the frost. Likewise, marble and granite will provide a stunning backdrop to a dining or garden seating area.

The best stain protector and cleaner for natural stone

A patio of natural stone just cannot be matched, but it does demand protection and care. With FILA’s stone cleaning range, you’ll always enjoy a beautiful sheen and maintain a lasting great finish. For the basic cleaning of acid-sensitive, unpolished stones, we recommend PS87 PRO or CLEANER PRO, a concentrated cleaner for acid-sensitive stones with a polished finish (that’s if you’re sure you even want a polished finish outside). Then there’s the best stain protector for limestone, marble and granite; STONEPLUS is ideal for reviving the colour of old patio tiles. When it comes to sealing natural stone, you’ll need a stone protector like FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME. FOB XTREME is another popular choice, and both do the job – and of course, let’s not forget FILA’s ALGACID to fight algae and mould!

4. Concrete patio tiles

Get the natural look for less with concrete patio tiles, a fraction of the cost of actual stone. Blending the aesthetic appeal of natural materials with modern manufacturing techniques, you can trust concrete to deliver for your garden long term. Because concrete flags are also manmade, the options are endless to perfect your outdoor living space. Choose from individual textures and colours that resemble high-end options, whether for your patio, driveway or both!

Add a concrete cleaner to your cleaning collection

To keep concrete tiles tip-top and free from grease, PS87 PRO is our concrete cleaner. Then there’s NOSPOT and SR95 which battle tough stains – both of which also work for natural stone and agglomerates.

5. Brick paving

A natural paving material, brick pavers are perfect for outdoor spaces. Not only will they blend with your garden and plants, but they’re also remarkably strong and slip-resistant too. This makes them a popular choice with young families and for areas with heavy rain. Brick paving is also available in a wide selection of colours to suit any style – a truly dependable choice of patio tile.

How to care for brick patio tiles

In a damp climate, if there’s no maintenance, brick tiles can look pretty grubby quite quickly. This can be treated, however, with the right cleaning products such as DETERDEK PRO, a limescale detergent that removes salt residues from tiles left behind from rain. Additionally, CLEANER PRO and PS87 PRO are great for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of brick patio tiles. Then we have FILA’s FOB XTREME which is a solvent-based stone protector and don’t forget that all-important ALGACID!

Using the same tiles inside and out

If your flooring is level throughout, indoors and outside, laying the same type of tile can create a stylish, seamless effect. Combine this with bi-fold or sliding doors, and the space will feel bigger, not to mention create a link between your garden and home. Some tiles are even sold in specific indoor-outdoor ranges to make it easy with a more anti-slip, textural finish for the outside. An ever-growing home trend, we can’t get enough of the look, and at FILA, we have everything you need to take care of your tiles!

Thank you for reading our post – we hope you’ve found this useful! If you have any questions, why not leave us a note in the comments section? Thanks again.

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5 Patio Tiles for a Stylish Backyard Plus Tips to Keep Them Looking Their Best

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  1. I loved that you said that porcelain tiles offer a budget-friendly option, and it offers stylish tiles. As you said, they don’t crack with the frost. This is something that I will share with my mother who wants to have a part of her garden tiled. She mentioned that she wanted to find tiles that are durable yet affordable, so she will surely consider your tips on choosing outdoor tiles. https://tilemuralcreativearts.com/commercial-projects/

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