House Cleaning Made Easy: A Weekly Checklist

house cleaning

Ever feel overwhelmed with house cleaning? Here’s a short weekly checklist to keep your house clean and your weekends carefree.

Keeping daily and weekly routines are the best way to make real change in our lives. In terms of house cleaning, it’s easy to define the main spaces of the home and the simple steps we can take every day to maintain home surfaces.

House cleaning: every morning

Getting dressed, brushing our teeth, shaving, putting on make up… most of our morning activities take place in the bathroom. It’s where get ready for work, school and running errands. Before the bathroom gets grungy from toothpaste smears and soap residue, take a couple of minutes to wipe bathroom surfaces every morning.

House cleaning bathroom

Bathroom countertops: Use a neutral cleaner to quickly wipe away water drops and residue. (To find out more about neutral cleaners and why to use them, read this blog post.)

Here at FILA, we recommend using CLEANALL Spray Neutral Everyday Cleaner for a quick wipe of all household surfaces. Its delicate formula is created to clean all natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tile, LVT, wood and laminates. Watch this quick video about CLEANALL Spray. 

House cleaning: every evening

While bathrooms are the most important room of the house in our morning routines, kitchens are the place where we meet up in the evening and where house cleaning can get messy with food spills on countertops, tables and floors. After dinner, take about 10 minutes to wipe off kitchen countertops and spot clean kitchen floors.

Kitchen countertops: Choosing the best cleaner depends on the material of your countertop. Natural stone countertops should be cleaned with a cleaner that not only eliminates superficial stains, but also reinforces the existing sealers’s protection. FILA’s REFRESH & RESEAL Neutral Cleaner and Resealer does not harm even the most delicate materials. The product can be used on all natural stone surfaces in the home that have been treated with sealers. (To learn more about cleaning natural stone surfaces, read this blog post.)

Countertops made of other materials, such as laminates, wood, tile, quartz, glass and stainless steel, should be cleaned with CLEANALL Spray Neutral Everyday Cleaner. Use CLEANALL to clear away spills on floors, backsplashes and cabinets, and leave the kitchen spic and span every evening before bed.

For detailed information about cleaning all kitchen surfaces, read this blog post.

house cleaning kitchens

House cleaning: once a week

There are some tasks that must be done once a week – you pick the day!

Floors: Mop all floors with a neutral cleaner once a week. Remember to use a cleaner suitable for the type of flooring you have in your house. FILA’s CLEANALL Neutral All Surface Cleaner is perfect for porcelain and ceramic tile, LVT, wood and laminates, Just put one cap of the product in one gallon of water and clean with a microfiber mop. (To find out more about cleaning tile floors, read this blog post.)

For floors in natural stone such as marble, limestone and travertine, FILA has created STONECLEAN Natural Stone Neutral Cleaner. Just like with CLEANALL, dilute the product 1:200 (one capful per gallon).

House cleaning floors

Ovens, microwaves and stoves: Remove grease and oil that has accumulated during the week with a degreaser perfect for food and oil stains. FILA’s KITCHENKARE Kitchen Stain Remover removes tough-to-clean grease, grime and food stains from kitchen countertops, grills, hot plates and barbecues, so it’s also great for outdoor cooking areas.

house cleaning kitchens

Showers, bathtubs, sinks and mirrors: Bathroom surfaces layered with soap scum, water spots, grime and limescale should be tackled with a cleaner that is highly effective yet does not damage stainless steel trims. SHOWERCLEAN & SHINE Bathroom Soap Scum Remover gives surfaces back their shine without damaging stainless steel fixtures or acrylic tubs. It’s ready to use: just spray and wipe! (To find out more about cleaning showers, read this blog post.)

Lastly, RELAX and enjoy a fresh, clean house! You deserve it!


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