How to Seal Tile Grout the Easy Way

seal tile grout

Many of you might be wondering how to seal tile grout, but first, let’s go over why tile is such a popular go-to wall and floor covering.

  1. Tile is resistant and long-lasting. That’s why it’s so often seen in high traffic environments like home kitchens, restaurants and shopping centers.
  2. Especially important in today’s world, with the risk of viral infections on the rise, tile is also easy to clean and does not retain dirt.

So, you say, tile is an ideal wall and floor covering material, right?

Yes, but with one condition: if your tile is installed with cementitious grout, then you’ve gotta make sure the tile grout is sealed.

seal tile grout

Why seal tile grout?

Before we dive into how to seal tile grout, you might be asking yourself, why should I even bother with sealing tile grout? Is it really that essential? The answer: oh YES! 

Absorbent materials, such as cementitious tile grout, by nature contain micropores along the surface. These pores facilitate the penetration of water and dirt. That means that, while the tile itself does not retain dirt and is easy to clean, the grout actually does retain dirt, and once it’s embedded in the grout, it might be unhealthy and time consuming to clean.  

seal tile grout

What happens when water and dirt are absorbed by tile grout?

Visibly, you may see a change in color, and everyday cleaning may become more difficult. 

At a microscopic level, on the other hand, you may see microorganisms which, upon entering in these small, dark, warm cavities rich in food and water, start growing and proliferating. 


seal tile grout

Is there any way to keep dirt from entering the tile grout  and proliferating germs and bacteria?

Sure! That’s where tile grout sealers come into the picture! It’s fundamentally important to use a tile grout sealer to seal cementitious grout and repel water, oil, staining agents. Tile grout sealers make cleaning fast and easy, and keep your tile looking like new for years!

Inside the pores of treated tile grout, water and dirt cannot enter and microorganisms cannot grow. 

seal tile grout

Aesthetically, a pristine tile installation is gorgeous to see, and grout sealing is your ticket to keeping it looking like new for years!

Read below to find out how to seal tile grout:

GROUT PROOF is FILA’s best tile grout sealer. It can be used indoors and outdoors and does not alter the tile grout color. GROUT PROOF is water based, and  odorless!

Here’s a quick video that explains how easy it is to apply GROUT PROOF tile grout sealer.

How to seal cementitious tile grout:


Spray GROUT PROOF directly on the grout.


Spread it evenly with a small brush.


The surface may be used for normal foot traffic 4 hours after application. Full cure and maximum sealer protection is achieved in 8 hours.



Now that your tile grout is sealed, check out this blog post for everything you need to know to keep your tile clean.


  • If your tile is installed with cementitious grout, then you have to seal the grout joints to prevent the absorption of water and stains.
  • The absorption of water can quickly lead to the proliferation of germs in the grout and around your home environment.
  • Tile grout sealers create a barrier that blocks the absorption of water and stains.
  • Grout sealers are the best way to keep your walls and floors looking brand new.
  • Applying GROUT PROOF is easy!

To find out more about tile maintenance, go to

Have more questions? Just write to us at [email protected].


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