How to Clean and Maintain LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT flooring is a relatively new concept. Made up of multiple layers, it’s extremely hard wearing and can mimic the look of wood and natural stone. For this reason, LVT has become a popular choice for many homeowners and the trend is only set to gain momentum. If you’ve been toying with the idea of vinyl tiles, we’ve pulled together this guide, read on for more on LVT flooring.

How is LVT flooring made?

Luxury vinyl tiles are commonly made from different layers of PVC vinyl. These layers are carefully compressed and then dried through the application of heat and air. LVT floors then have a clear vinyl and urethane coating, which provides further protection and a comfortable finish. Thanks to new developments in green technology some manufacturers are even including cork in their LVT products.

The benefits of LVT flooring

Natural beauty and finish

If you’re looking for that premium look, vinyl tiles realistically replicate the appearance of organic flooring materials. Each tile has a rich finish, is extremely detailed and is available in an array of convincing wood grains, stone textures and colours. The beauty of LVT flooring is that it also stays at a comfortable temperature unlike a slate or oak finish, and is additionally perfect for homes that have pets. Vinyl tiles are also suitable for just about any room in the home, even the stairs, and will stand the test of time without becoming unfashionable.

Some LVT is eco-friendly

Although some LVT flooring has a bad reputation, others are thankfully more sustainability made. Karndean, in particular, is a great example of this, and their flooring is manufactured ortho-phthalate free with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Highly resilient

Fabricated with high-quality materials, vinyl tiles can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Unlike most other flooring types, they’re not easily marked thanks to their built-in scratch-resistant layer and stain guarding technology. With most manufacturers offering up to 25-year guarantees, it’s clear that vinyl is designed to last for an extended period. Some styles are even anti-slip, but it’s always better to check – no wonder homeowners can’t get enough of LVT flooring.

Economical and water-resistant

As mentioned, LVT flooring recreates the look of wood or stone floors but at a fraction of the price, making it an economical choice for any room. This type of flooring is also water-resistant so great for those spaces where you would expect water to be.

Easy to clean

Out of any flooring, luxury vinyl tiles require the least maintenance. They are perfect for a family environment, and those inevitable spills and they need little care or cleaning. Just be aware, however, with LVT floors, abrasive products can affect the surface badly. Make sure to use only gentle detergents like FILA’s CLEANER PRO – this pH-neutral cleaner may be mild but it is tough on stains.

How to clean LVT flooring

First things first, when it comes to cleaning, a good sweep or vacuum is needed to get rid of debris. We also recommend not soaking the floor as this could gather under the tiles, instead, a well-wrung mop will help you control the amount of water you use. We’d also suggest the use of a neutral detergent, like CLEANER PRO for a streak-free finish that is dry in minutes. Depending on the use of the room, LVT flooring should also be washed twice weekly for you to enjoy the best results.

LVT flooring maintenance tips

To keep LVT flooring looking its best, close blinds or curtains when needed – direct sunlight can fade the colour or the intricate finish. By placing a doormat at every entrance, you’ll also stop dirt in its tracks instead of it being walked around your home by shoes. Additionally, some cleaners contain chemicals that can make your floor slippy, and so these should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, avoid the use of floor wax as this will only do the same – all you need is CLEANER PRO for LVT flooring.

It’s clear luxury vinyl tiles are a practical choice if you’re looking for highly durable and attractive flooring. To maintain that gorgeous finish, however, you’ll need the secret weapon to match – FILA’s pH-neutral cleaner, CLEANER PRO! Offering gentle yet next-level cleaning for any surface, this detergent is highly concentrated so you only need to use a little. We promise once you become a CLEANER PRO, you will never look back – find out more about this fabulous product here. Thank you for reading.

LVT Flooring cleaning and maintenance
How to Clean and Maintain LVT Flooring

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