How to Protect Concrete Facades Plus FILA’s Best Sealer for Preventing Graffiti

As a building material, concrete has been widely used for many centuries. We only have to look at the oldest building in Rome, the Pantheon, to know that concrete offers a lot of possibilities. Built in 125 AD and standing at an impressive 43 meters in height, the Pantheon is one of the largest buildings in the ancient world. It’s also complete with the largest unreinforced dome that has ever been built. Not bad to say it is just under 1,900 years old.

There’s no doubt architectural concrete has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to facades. Not only is concrete cladding cost-effective, but it is a durable choice, especially against adverse weather conditions. Additional protection, however, is necessary if you want to prevent graffiti and the build-up of moss. It’s also crucial to do before any actual damage is done. Let’s take a look at facades as a whole…


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What is a facade?

Generally speaking, a facade refers to the front of a building. An integral part of the build, they provide great visual appeal and play a huge role in enhancing the property’s weather, thermal, acoustic and fire resistance. In most cases, most facades depend on the building for support. They also give architects a chance to really showcase their talents and bring a building to life, often receiving elaborate and very decorative treatments.

Why are facades necessary?

Facades unquestionably provide an aesthetic element, but the benefits don’t just end there. Facades can help to reduce external noise and retain heat, both of which can greatly improve the comfort of the building’s occupants. Facades also play a huge role in average wind speed, cleverly transferring it to the main building structure. You see, it’s not just about how they look; facades have many uses, although it certainly helps if they stay in good condition as well.

Modern facade materials

These days, facades are often non-loadbearing, and as a result, a wider variety of materials can be used. Quite literally ‘the face’ of a building, sustainable options include glass, timber, stone and concrete. Revered for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete makes a great choice for modern architecture. Although known for its smooth mid-grey tones, different shades are available too, which makes it an inexpensive way to really make a statement.


best outdoor protector for concrete

What can cause concrete facades to deteriorate?

With concrete, structurally, issues can occur due to improper design but also a lack of proper maintenance too. As a country, we experience our fair share of bad weather which can lead to the development of growths like mould, especially if the surface is shaded and moist. Another cause for concern is vandalism. Did you know repeat graffiti attacks can actually cause physical damage to concrete surfaces? This is because spray paint often contains harsh chemicals that can leave behind teeth, and let’s face it, it’s not nice to look at either. To avoid both of these things, the best thing you can do is treat your concrete with a protective sealer. Investing in this kind of treatment can prolong the lifespan of facades. Here, we look at this in more depth…

How to maintain architectural concrete:

FILA’s best outdoor protector for algae and moss

Whilst concrete ages well, it’s not immune from algae and a gradual buildup of other organic growths. Various factors can increase the chances of this, such as prolonged damp weather, north-facing elevations and woodland spaces. If you’re worried about the risk of algae, make sure to act fast. HYDROREP ECO is FILA’s best outdoor protector for concrete and more. Deeply infiltrating the surface, it hampers the build-up of algae and molds and will protect the surface against deterioration caused by weathering. Check out this article for more information.


Graffiti prevention

Once you have sufficient protection from mould, graffiti is next. This is a huge nuisance for building owners and neighbours. It’s easy to prevent; however, you just need the right tools and FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME . Easy to apply and eco-friendly, this sealer will prevent graffiti bonding to the concrete surface. Anything that has tagged onto the coating can be simply removed – no more costly bills for cleaning unsightly graffiti.


Use a graffiti remover should the worst happen

If graffiti has already occurred, don’t panic. Acting within the first 48 hours is crucial to guard against repeated attacks. NOPAINT STAR is the one for the job to clean the illegal scrawling straight off which could prevent it from happening again. NOPAINT STAR is also made for porous materials like concrete and is effective at cleaning both smog and dust. Although this graffiti remover is highly efficient, we’d still recommend the use of a sealer. Vandalism should be stopped before it even takes place.


Use a stainproof sealer for interior flooring

A great sealer will protect the surface of concrete, safeguard against stains and make flooring super easy to clean. No matter if the concrete is in a public space or a home, the same rules still apply to preserve this material’s appearance long-term. MP90 ECO XTREME is great for internal concrete flooring, providing a natural finish that won’t alter the surface. This stainproof sealer is also suitable for protecting kitchen and bathroom worktops if concrete is desired. Just be sure to test this product on a small area before treating the surface.


Don’t forget the cleaning too

Every surface, no matter the type, requires a little upkeep now and again. Concrete facades should be routinely maintained to remove pollution and dust, and any other factors that might dull their appearance. For this, we have FILA’s highly acclaimed concrete cleaner, PS87 PRO , which is a restoring wash that removes smog. Simply follow the dilution instructions on the label to boost the curb appeal of your concrete.


Stain proofing and anti-graffiti protection for concrete

Concrete facades are not hard to maintain once you have the know-how – here’s a quick recap of these four fantastic FILA products:

HYDROREP ECO – FILA’s best outdoor protector for discouraging algae

MP90 ECO XTREME – a stainproof sealer for both indoors and out

NO PAINT STAR – FILA’s fasting-acting graffiti remover

PS87 PRO – our degreasing concrete cleaner

For more information, please get in touch with our team. There’s nothing more we love than protecting different surfaces like concrete facades! Thanks for reading.


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