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After water, concrete is the second most consumed substance on the planet. 70% of the world’s population lives in a structure that contains concrete, and we use over 4 billion tonnes of it globally each year. But how do we keep concrete looking the part? Well, a sealer will help to provide long-lasting protection. At FILA, we recently launched our innovative new product at the CERSAIE and MARMOMAC trade fairs! Read on to discover CONCRETE HYDRO here…


Environmentally-friendly protection for concrete, plaster, brick and tuff

Expanding on our concrete range, CONCRETE HYDRO prevents the degradation of interior and exterior surfaces in concrete, plaster, brick and tuff. It also prevents damage caused by weathering and is a trusted job site ally, thanks to our pioneering water-based technology. Additionally, this sealer has Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification* and satisfies the most restrictive European specifications for construction sustainability. In fact, FILA is the first Italian brand in our field to obtain this level of achievement and is testimony to the renewable objectives we have set ourselves.


What does CONCRETE HYDRO do?

CONCRETE HYDRO hinders the absorption of water and protects concrete from deterioration. It also strengthens the surface and prevents chalking (a powdery, chalk-like appearance). Additionally, this product limits the growth of algae and mold induced by pollution and smog and prevents the build-up of efflorescences such as carbonates, sulphates and saltpetre. The result is a durable and resistant surface that’s also breathable too, whether used for internal or external concrete.


The benefits to the contractor

A ready-to-use water-based product, CONCRETE HYDRO is VOC-free with a low environmental impact. VOC-free building materials ensure that resources are responsibly-used and efficiently too, without ever compromising on the occupant’s comfort and health. In the long run, they can help save money, protect the environment, and most importantly, lead to a more sustainable future. CONCRETE HYRDO also won’t affect the finish of the surface or yellow and is safe to paint after treatment.


Application areas

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, CONCRETE HYDRO protects concrete, brick, tuff and plaster. Consolidating the surface and preventing degradation, here are some other examples of where to use this sealer:

  • Exterior exposed concrete facades
  • Interior exposed concrete walls
  • Colored cement plaster facades
  • Exterior facades with thermal insulating systems
  • Facades and small walls in engineered stone
  • Exposed brick facades
  • Interlocking pavers installed in areas not exposed to organic stains
  • Concrete decorations
  • Tuff structures
  • Concrete pool edges


Apply CONCRETE HYDRO on a clean and dry surface with a brush or an airless sprayer. No dilution is required; this sealer is ready to use; just make sure to wear the correct PPE if the product is to be applied with an airless sprayer. As a guide, a 5-litre bottle should cover up to 40 m2, and the coverage stated refers to one coat of product. CONCRETE HYDRO should also be kept out of reach of children and the can should be protected from frost. Only apply to surfaces with a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.


Precautions to be aware of

Before this sealer can be applied, a patch test needs to be done to check the surface for any changes in colour. You should also avoid using the product if rain is forecast and likewise, avoid application on surfaces with a buildup of condensation or those exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, avoid contact with new polished natural stones like granite and marble, glass, wood and metal too. Also, remember, this sealer will not protect against acid aggression, so bear that in mind, but it will protect surfaces from deterioration due to atmospheric agents.

Certifications for CONCRETE HYDRO

Having exceeded the rigid preconditions required, CONCRETE HYDRO is Eurofins certified. The rigid Eurofins certification requisites include those of mandatory national regulations such as FrenchA+, CAM Edlilizia, Belgian Regulation, AgBB and the innovative environmental sustainability evaluation systems such as LEED, BREEAM and WELL. As also mentioned, CONCRETE HYDRO has obtained the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification. Other FILA products also include W68 , MP90 ECO XTREME , WET ECO and PW10 .


Try CONCRETE HYDRO for yourself

Thank you for reading our post on CONCRETE HYDRO, FILA’s new sealer for the protection of concrete, plaster, brick and tuff. Not only does this product perform exceptionally well, but it can also be used on vertical surfaces too, like interior wall cladding and external facades. If you couldn’t make the CERSAIE and MARMOMAC trade fairs to see this sealer in action, we invite you to try it out for yourself. Discover our new revolutionary product, CONCRETE HYDRO! Why not download the technical data sheet here ? Thanks again.


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