Mastering the End-of-Work Clean: The Secret to Maintaining Porcelain Tiles and Happy Clients

In the realm of project specification, every detail is crucial – from understanding client preferences to exploring the complexities of selected materials. This attention to detail extends beyond the initial installation stage, delving into the continuous care and maintenance of surfaces. Identifying the unique attributes of each material is essential for deciding on the most effective cleaning solutions.

Porcelain tiles, renowned for their adaptability and visual charm, demand a specific maintenance method. Despite being more durable than natural stone and crafted from highly pure clays, post-laying cleaning is critical after on-site work.

This post delves into what happens after porcelain tiles are installed and how a comprehensive approach ensures they remain in fantastic condition. Join us as we explore the secret to mastering the preliminary clean and discovering the key to keeping porcelain tiles and your clients’ content.

Navigating the initial clean

Ever wondered about the significance of the builder’s clean? This one-off cleaning process is dedicated to eliminating cement and residual film from the grouting process. Professional and thorough execution is crucial during this phase, as any lingering grout residues can become a magnet for dirt. This process ensures the tiles appear flawless and function as intended, setting the stage for easy and effective future maintenance.

Despite the importance of the initial cleaning, challenges may arise during the post-installation stage. Issues like adhesive and grout residues lingering on the tile surface, especially with heavily textured or anti-slip finishes, can complicate the cleaning process.

Selecting the right cleaning products is also crucial. When dealing with acid-resistant materials like porcelain tiles, choosing an acid-based cleaning solution is the most efficient option. The acid interacts with cementitious residues, making removal more accessible and creating a spotless and meticulously cleaned tile surface.

FILA’s method for cleaning porcelain tiles

In a market saturated with cleaning choices, the significance of making the correct selection cannot be emphasised enough. Let’s take a closer look at two products – INSTANT REMOVER and DETERDEK PRO – positioned to transform your post-installation cleaning procedures.


Leveraging rapid dry technology, INSTANT REMOVER stands out as a superb solution for the final cleaning of porcelain tiles. Specifically designed to eliminate fresh grout residues, including those with additives, it plays a crucial role during the laying process, reducing the necessity for return visits. Its versatility also extends to cleaning the backs of large format tiles before installation and effectively purifying grout floats and application tools. Moreover, it prevents the formation of dull smears or streaks caused by inadequate residue removal.

The product’s minimal water usage is vital for preserving grout colour, preventing cracks and mould, and ensuring an intact grout system – a time-efficient and practical option. INSTANT REMOVER has additional advantages, starting with its biodegradable components, promoting environmental safety and safeguarding the installer’s well-being by emitting no harmful fumes. This non-foaming, rinse-free formula goes above and beyond, providing extensive coverage without causing harm to materials or grout, including aluminium or steel trims. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications on walls and floors, its patent-pending application system ensures certified results. With its user-friendly design, INSTANT REMOVER is a versatile and efficient solution for porcelain tile cleaning.


In contrast, DETERDEK PRO, explicitly formulated for final cleaning, excels in extensive applications, swiftly eliminating inorganic deposits and properly cleaning tiles. Its distinctive strength lies in its utilisation of surfactants, dynamic surface-acting agents that synergise with acids to rigorously combat dirt on porcelain surfaces, thereby enhancing the efficacy of the entire cleaning process. The distinctive combination of acids and surfactants sets FILA’s products apart, consistently delivering unparalleled results.

Furthermore, since DETERDEK PRO is a buffered acid, it generates no harmful fumes, ensuring safety for both the contractor and the environment. Its exclusion of hydrochloric acid preserves the material’s appearance and colour, protecting grout and profiles made of aluminium and steel. Beyond its role as a detergent for final installation cleaning, this acid cleaner effectively tackles rust stains, efflorescence, and general dirt found on construction sites. Its user-friendly application makes it suitable for removing cementitious grout, while we recommend using CR10 for epoxy grout.

A cohesive strategy

While INSTANT REMOVER and DETERDEK PRO are separate products, they come together as an effective duo and complement each other. For example, INSTANT REMOVER is suitable for use on residential or smaller projects on the same day as installation, thereby saving valuable time for the contractor.

Upon completing the job, DETERDEK PRO steps in to address any remaining mess at the construction site before officially handing over the project to the client. In the case of more extensive commercial projects, DETERDEK PRO is well-suited for post-tile laying, utilising a scrubber dryer machine with the appropriate pad and a wet vacuum system. This also makes it an excellent choice for facility management groups aiming to eliminate inorganic stains from the floor, including materials, paint, and grout residues.

Best practices for utilising these products

  • Allow the fresh grout residues to set for 10 to 30 minutes
  • Conduct an initial clean with a water-dampened sponge to remove loose grout and prepare the surface
  • Apply INSTANT REMOVER and let it sit for 1-2 minutes (or 5-10 minutes for textured tiles)
  • Use a sponge float to clean the surface and remove loosened grout residue
  • Important to note: This cleaner is suitable only during installation; for cured grout, opt for DETERDEK PRO

  • Pre-soak the material in water before starting the cleaning process with DETERDEK PRO
  • Dilute the concentrated acid detergent at a ratio of 1:5 to 1:10 in water
  • Spread the solution generously over a few square meters at a time
  • Allow the solution to sit for 5 minutes
  • Use a stiff brush or a single disc scrubbing machine with the appropriate pad to thoroughly scrub the surface
  • Mop up residues with a cloth or a wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • For stubborn dirt, repeat the cleaning process
  • Ensure a comprehensive clean by rinsing the surface with plenty of clean water
  • Client satisfaction depends on the meticulousness of the cleaning process, ensuring the final result meets or exceeds their expectations
  • As an additional step, apply FUGAPROOF to ensure enduring grout protection by forming a barrier that prevents water and stains from penetrating the surface over the long term

FILA’s environmentally conscious approach

In an era where sustainability is becoming an increasingly crucial consideration in the construction industry, FILA stands out as a trailblazer in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our unwavering dedication to environmental preservation has consistently ranked as a top priority, evident in our diverse range of low-impact products and solutions tailored for the cleaning and protection of surfaces.

FILA Solutions’ recent recognition at the 2023 Sustainability Awards for the third consecutive year is also a testament to our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. As the construction industry pivots towards sustainable practices, FILA meets and exceeds the growing demand by providing innovative and effective solutions that align with the ethos of responsible environmental stewardship.

Straightforward projects, delighted clients

In conclusion, this article underscores the pivotal role of post-installation cleaning in preserving both the longevity and aesthetic appeal of porcelain tiles.

Ready to elevate your surface maintenance game and have specific questions about DETERDEK PRO and INSTANT REMOVER? Join the conversation! Feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions in the comments section below. For more detailed inquiries or technical guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated technical team. Thanks for reading.


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