Mastering Patio Care: A Guide to Cleaning and Protecting Exterior Walls and Floors

how to maintain a patio

After enduring weeks of relentless rain and, for many, a thick blanket of snow, our outdoor spaces have weathered the elements and now demand some much-needed attention. While it may seem premature to tackle the cool temperatures, seizing the current moment presents the perfect opportunity to ready our outdoor spaces for the upcoming spring.

Our latest blog post delves into the intricacies of effective patio care, providing valuable insights into the best practices for cleaning and protecting outdoor surfaces. Amidst the specific concerns during this transitional period, we spotlight two exceptional solutions from FILA – ALGACID and HYDROREP ECO (our exposed bricks protector).

Explore our comprehensive guide to enhance your understanding of optimal outdoor maintenance and ensure your outdoor spaces are primed and protected for the vibrant days ahead.

Common challenges encountered by patios and exterior walls

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor living spaces can present various challenges due to exposure to the elements and environmental factors. Here are some common challenges encountered in the cleaning and maintenance of patios and exterior walls:

  • Algae and mossshaded or damp areas may encourage algae and moss growth, making surfaces slippery and unsightly.
  • Deterioration caused by weathering – exposure to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations can lead to fading, discolouration, and degradation of surface materials over time.
  • Efflorescence – this is the white, powdery substance that forms on surfaces due to the migration of salts within the material. It can be challenging to remove and may reappear if the underlying issue isn’t addressed.
  • Stains – various stains, such as rust, oil, grease, or water stains, can accumulate on patios and walls, affecting their appearance.



How to effectively clean external surfaces

Now that we’ve explored the challenges faced by external spaces, let’s delve into the cleaning solutions for restoring outdoor walls and floors. Addressing mould, and stains requires a tailored approach to rejuvenate these surfaces, ensuring a clean and inviting outdoor environment.


Microbial growth

Due to their porous nature, external walls create an ideal environment for the proliferation of algae. This compromises the aesthetic appeal of surfaces and can result in structural damage, necessitating expensive repairs due to loosened brickwork. Likewise, this contamination requires more than a simple jet wash if you’re grappling with algae-related challenges on an external floor with textured anti-slip finishes. Thankfully, FILA’s ALGACID provides an efficient solution to this slippery wall and floor issue. Its user-friendly application is also practical on various materials, including porcelain tiles, natural stone, concrete, rendering, and terracotta.




Regular inorganic dirt

DETERDEK PRO is your solution for effortlessly cleaning terracotta, quarry, and porcelain tiles from everyday mineral deposits. Simply dilute 1 litre of the product in 10 litres of water for extraordinary maintenance on outdoor surfaces, especially those exhibiting clear signs of ageing, such as smog and dust exposure.


Regular organic dirt

For unpolished natural stone maintenance, embrace PS87 PRO. Dilute this exceptional cleaner in water at a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20. Developed by FILA’s research laboratories, this professional-grade formula offers remarkable degreasing power without caustic soda or ammonia.


patio cleaning

Preserving the integrity of your outdoor space

Now that we’ve explored cleaning external surfaces, let’s focus on preserving their pristine condition, especially with FILA’s best outdoor protector, HYDROREP ECO, specifically designed for exterior walls. Discover how this advanced solution can safeguard and enhance the longevity of your walls and coverings, providing lasting protection against various environmental elements.


FILA’s best outdoor protector for exterior walls

After the application of ALGACID, the subsequent step involves applying a wall sealer for long-term protection, effectively preventing the recurrence of algae growth. We recommend using HYDROREP ECO, our exposed bricks protector—an environmentally friendly, solvent-free sealer designed to permeate the material while maintaining breathability for the wall. 

In addition to inhibiting the development of algae and mould, this water-based product offers defence against general weathering, resists UV radiation and protects against efflorescence and water ingress. The treatment also preserves the material’s breathability above 90% and is suitable for use on unpolished natural stone, concrete, terracotta, exposed bricks, quarry tiles, plaster, and tuff.


best outdoor protector

Other options for safeguarding exterior surfaces

In addition, at FILA, we provide a range of other sealing products tailored to the exterior surface and material you are working with. Explore our diverse options to find the ideal solution for your unique needs:

  • POW2050 – this sealer acts as a consolidation and water repellent for terracotta, clinker, porcelain tiles, concrete, and various agglomerated surfaces, preventing water infiltration, mould formation, and damage. 
  • WET STONE ECO – this protector enhances and protects horizontal natural stone surfaces, providing a customisable wet effect. This eco-friendly solution is water-based, ensuring superior performance and ease of application for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • W68 – this treatment is an affordable solution designed for surfaces with a natural appearance and is perfect for absorbent materials. This versatile sealer provides stain-proofing for porous surfaces like natural stone and terracotta indoors and outdoors while offering anti-graffiti protection for efficient cleaning.


patio cleaning

Pro tips for successful patio care

Don’t overdo the pressure wash

Many individuals choose pressure washers to clean their patios and walls, valuing this reliable tool for quickly removing stubborn stains. However, caution is necessary, particularly for different surfaces. Excessive pressure washing can cause the patio to wear away, resulting in a tired and worn appearance. Additionally, frequent usage may harm the protective sealant applied to the patio. It is advisable to limit pressure washing to one session, or at most two, to ensure the preservation of the patio and prevent unnecessary damage.


Pre-treat stains

Addressing stains promptly on patios is crucial for maintaining aesthetic appeal and longevity on outdoor surfaces. The swift treatment of stains prevents them from settling deeply, making the removal process easier and more effective. Neglecting stains can lead to long-term damage, compromising the surface’s overall cleanliness and visual charm. By taking immediate action, you contribute to a consistently pristine and well-maintained outdoor space, enhancing its durability and visual appeal over time. Check out FILA’s range of professional stain removers.


Always use the correct cleaning products

Using appropriate cleaning products is crucial, whether working with natural stone or contemporary porcelain tiles. While shortcuts might seem tempting for a speedy cleaning session, they risk leaving the surface inadequately cleaned or uneven. Consult our technical team to determine the most suitable product for your patio material if uncertain. Always conduct a small area test before applying the product to the entire surface to ensure optimal results.


Never underestimate the power of an excellent patio sealer

After completing the cleaning process, the subsequent crucial step involves applying a sealant, mainly when working with stone. As mentioned, sealants like FILA’s HYDROREP ECO establish a protective effect, further enhancing the longevity of your exterior walls. Make sure to choose a suitable sealant tailored to your specific material, and regularly reapply this sealant every few years to ensure the preservation of the particular surface.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our expert guidance

Ready to turn those exterior walls and floors into a showstopper of style and strength? Our Technical Department is your go-to source for expert guidance on cleaning and preserving these vital outdoor surfaces.

Whether you’re tackling stubborn stains, seeking product advice, or aiming for long-lasting protection, we’ve got your back. Connect with our experts at [email protected] – because elevating your outdoor projects just got much simpler. Thanks for considering us as your partner in transforming outdoor spaces.


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