NEW UK Product Announcement | Introducing FILA’s INSTANT REMOVER!

Are you a professional tiler fed up with dried grout spoiling your work? At FILA, we have a great solution for you! We’d like to introduce our new and fantastic INSTANT REMOVER that can be used on fresh grout to keep your tiling projects looking how they should. Because after completing a job, the last thing you need is a customer complaining that their tiles look cloudy and dull. Read on as we explore this product in depth and its benefits too – tilers, you will want to get your hands on this.


INSTANT REMOVER is FILA’s latest surface solution for the UK market. An acid cleaner, it can be used to clean fresh cementitious grout during installation and is the only one of its kind on the market. So if you’re tired of having to deal with grout haze, this will be a thing of the past. INSTANT REMOVER has been formulated for use on ceramic, quarry, porcelain tiles and glass mosaics. Better still, this product can be used to clean simultaneously as you lay the tiles (provided you wait 10-30 minutes for the grout to thicken).

Let’s look at grout haze or the ‘frame effect’ in more detail.

Can it help with grout hazing?

A byproduct of tile installation, grout hazing is common and can actually happen at any time. As grout is made up of cement, minerals, additives and water, when the excess is wiped off, the minerals left behind can dry and result in a dull white film remaining on the tiles. It can also appear in the form of dull smears, glossy patches or streaks, and sometimes even white powder. If you don’t clean it up right away, it can leave tiles looking dingy and the film will also collect dirt and footprints faster.

Although hazing is not usually a problem on tiles with a polished finish, it can become an issue on textured surfaces like outdoor porcelain pavers. And when people see grout hazing on tiles, they think a sponge and water will do, but most of the time, the milky substance does return. No amount of buffing will do; you will need something special. Removing grout post-installation usually requires a concentrated acid detergent like DETERDEK PRO . Or even better, you could avoid dull-looking tiles altogether by using INSTANT REMOVER – FILA’s instant cleaner for fresh cementitious grouting!

To answer the question, yes, INSTANT REMOVER can prevent grout hazing on porcelain tiles. Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this fantastic new product.


The benefits of FILA’s INSTANT REMOVER

1. It will speed up your tiling jobs – time equals money in the construction industry

Say goodbye to breaking your back by vigorously scrubbing new tiles with this cement and grout remover by FILA. With INSTANT REMOVER, it’s possible to install new tiles at the same time as cleaning the grout, speeding up the process for every floor and wall that you lay. Just one simple step will save you from having to return the next day; if the project is small, you should be done in just a few hours. INSTANT REMOVER also only needs ONE wipe with a sponge rather than four with water, and thanks to our rapid dry technology, the spray is quick drying.



2. It even works with ‘trendy’ black grouting

Do you ever find yourself cleaning black grout from white porcelain tiles? It’s not easy to do, that’s for sure. Thankfully, INSTANT REMOVER can even clean the darkest of grout from the lightest of tiles, even if they’re placed vertically.

3. This cement and grout remover can save water

Ever tried to clean grout with a bucket of water? Not only is it ineffective, but too much water can also turn grouting white. With INSTANT REMOVER, you only need to use a little water which is always helpful. Whenever possible, saving water is a good thing.

4. INSTANT REMOVER can be used for any size of project AND with FILA’s concentrated acid detergent

No matter if your project is small or large scale, INSTANT REMOVER can be used to clean the grout as soon as the tiles are installed. This way, you’ll eliminate the ‘film’ that can accumulate dirt, especially if the site you’re working on is ongoing. We’d also recommend cleaning with DETERDEK PRO once the job site is complete – construction work can be a messy business. As mentioned, this cleaner also works for exterior porcelain tiles, regardless of how textured they are, to prevent any problems with the tile surface.

5. INSTANT REMOVER is very easy to use (and it can even be used to clean your tools)

Not only will this innovative product leave surfaces in a much better condition, but it’ll also leave them dry and not damp. Better still, INSTANT REMOVER will not damage steel or aluminum profiles, so it can even be used to clean tools like grouting floats and trowels.

How to use INSTANT REMOVER to remove fresh cementitious grout from porcelain tiles

INSTANT REMOVER is easy to use; just follow these steps to remove fresh cementitious grout from porcelain tiles. NB. do not use this product on polished natural stone or other acid-sensitive surfaces.

  1. When the surface has been grouted, allow the paste to thicken and become opaque (it usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes) according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Proceed with a first cleaning of the surface with a dampened sponge before spraying INSTANT REMOVER evenly
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes, depending on the material’s finish
  4. Clean the grout using a damp sponge, and frequently rinse the tool. 
  5. If stubborn residues persist, follow the above instructions again one hour after grouting

Depending on the grout manufacturer, the curing time will vary, and it is only possible to clean residues with INSTANT REMOVER at the time of application. Again, we also recommend finishing with DETERDEK PRO, a concentrated acid detergent, as part of the end-of-work cleaning.

Are you ready for FILA’s INSTANT REMOVER?

At FILA, we’re delighted to introduce this game-changing product to the UK and are eager to know your thoughts. By introducing this step, not only will it reduce your workload, we guarantee you’re bound to see better results every time. So, let’s end grout haze now; you have the control to achieve that flawless finish you crave. Find out more about our revolutionary new product, INSTANT REMOVER – here is a technical data sheet that you can download. Thanks again.

Get your hands on FILA’s INSTANT REMOVER – available in the UK from January 2023.



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