Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles | 5 Common Problems That Are Easy to Fix

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a durable choice, but issues can pop up from time to time. In fact, one particular headache can occur as soon as they’re laid, and it isn’t easily reversible either. Never fear, however, because, at FILA, we’re here to provide solutions and make life easy when it comes to tiled floors. Read on for five common problems with ceramic and porcelain tiles, plus tips for combatting them.

1. Broken tiles or cracked expansion joints

Sometimes accidents happen, and we drop things on the floor – not exactly ideal when your flooring is tiled. Heavy items can cause floor tiles to break, or at the very least, cause damage to the grout, and another common issue is cracked expansion joints. In all of these cases, the grout will need replacing and you may also need to chisel away the rest of the non-damaged grout in the joint. After grouting, we’d then recommend cleaning your tiles with DETERDEK PRO, FILA’s cement grout remover.

2. Mouldy grout lines

The most common issue with mouldy grout lines occurs in wet areas like bathrooms and showers. When a space lacks proper ventilation, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, with soap residue and oils providing the perfect food source for the problem. Because mould can be harmful to health, you should tackle it head-on with FILA products and a great cleaning regime. Simply use a porcelain and ceramic tiles cleaner, like CLEANER PRO, FUGANET for the grout, and when dry, spray FUGAPROOF directly onto the grouting. Additionally, ALGACID is great for the quick removal of mould – why not have a read of our post about how to clean grouting properly.

3. Dirty grout

Ceramic and porcelain tiles might look great on the floor, but in busy areas, it doesn’t take long for the grout to look dingy. This is because grout is porous in nature which allows dirt to get trapped, reducing its visual appearance and even resulting in odours. Again, we’d recommend cleaning the grout with the FILA system; FUGANET and FUGAPROOF won’t let you down when it comes to the restoration and protection of grout! You’ll also need a reliable porcelain and ceramic tiles cleaner, like CLEANER PRO, which can be used on a regular basis once your grout is protected.

4. Difficult to clean or a dull appearance (use a cement grout remover)

Remember when we said that one common issue occurs when the tiles are first laid? Let’s address this tiling problem right here. Did you know that 99% of faults with porcelain stems from the wrong type of cleaning, specifically, the initial clean immediately after they are installed? When porcelain tiles are installed, it’s essential grout residues are removed; otherwise, your tiles will always be hard to keep clean. DETERDEK PRO is a professional cement grout remover and, when used for the end-of-work cleaning, will ensure your tiles fully perform.

Another common issue is floor tiles that look dull, and this can be caused by either the problem above or the wrong maintenance products. A great regime starts with the right tools, and FILA’s CLEANER PRO can be used for the everyday cleaning of tiled floors. Over time, this porcelain and ceramic tiles cleaner will also combat opacifying layers created by other detergents which can dull the surface. If you’d like to know more have a read of this guide – How to Clean and Protect Porcelain Tiles.

5. Stubborn stains (need a stain removing detergent)

One main benefit of ceramic and porcelain tiles is that they’re easy to clean, but it doesn’t mean that stains don’t ever happen. Stubborn marks are annoying and not what you need, but luckily our stain removing detergent will provide fantastic results! If you want to give your floors a deep clean, PS87 PRO can remove stubborn stains from ceramic and porcelain tiles. We recommend pouring directly onto the stain, undiluted and leaving to act until dry before rinsing the surface.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles in summary

Although ceramic and porcelain tiles can be a challenge, with the right maintenance, they are worth it. Not only will they result in a durable, comfortable floor, but they will also last for decades and provide an elegant interior too. What’s more, if you’re planning to get underfloor heating, these tiles make a great choice as ceramic and porcelain have a high level of thermal conductivity. This means your home will heat up faster and stay warm for longer – your energy bills will thank you too!

Thank you for reading our post, and if you have challenging floors, our team would love to hear from you! For further assistance, please contact our technical team for support with your tiled flooring or walls. Thanks again.

common problems with ceramic and porcelain tiles
Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles | 5 Common Problems That Are Easy to Fix.



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