Precision in Specification: Why Architectural Surfaces Need FILA Solutions

Choosing suitable surface care products is crucial in building design, especially for materials like natural stone. In this technical post, we delve into how FILA Solutions stands as an indispensable partner in this process, offering tailored recommendations and advanced technologies to meet the evolving needs of modern projects.

Specification isn’t just about product selection; it’s about arming architects and designers with the tools they need to enhance their projects. At FILA, we embrace this responsibility, providing unparalleled support. From assisting with protective treatment selection to offering ongoing maintenance guidance, we aim to ensure every surface receives the care it requires.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to continuous innovation. We understand that purchase decisions evolve, prompting us to invest in tomorrow’s technologies. By staying ahead of the curve, we empower our clients with the latest advancements, giving them a competitive edge in their projects. Discover how FILA Solutions can confidently help you navigate surface care complexities, ensuring success in your architectural endeavours.

Innovation at the Core: FILA’s State-of-the-Art Innovation Centre

Research and Development Excellence

At FILA Solutions, our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre embodies our commitment to innovation. Equipped with advanced laboratories and testing facilities, our dedicated team of experts conducts cutting-edge research and development to engineer the most advanced surface care solutions. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of materials, we collaborate with Italian and international research institutes to analyse and study every type of material on the market, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements.


Customised Testing for High-Profile Projects

Architects can collaborate with our research centre on significant projects by providing specific materials for testing. Our team will conduct comprehensive lab tests to determine the best products for the particular surfaces involved, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. This collaborative approach guarantees that architects and designers receive tailored recommendations, allowing them to select the most suitable solutions for their high-profile endeavours.


Investment in Excellence

We invest approximately 3% of our annual turnover in research and development, reflecting our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. Our team develops around 20 projects yearly, translating a significant portion into market-ready products. Leveraging modern instrumentation and technical expertise, we conduct extensive analysis, select the best raw materials, and experiment with new solutions to deliver high-performance products that align with market demands and eco-friendly standards.


Quality Assurance and Certification

Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that our products meet the highest standards of excellence. We conduct over 2,500 quality controls annually on 1,000 production batches, and our products undergo testing and certification by leading international institutes. With certifications spanning suitability for contact with foodstuffs, frost resistance, stain resistance, and more, architects and designers can trust in the reliability and performance of FILA Solutions.


Advanced Microtechnology: The FILA Difference

At FILA Solutions, we are driven by an unyielding commitment to innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of surface care technology. With over 80 years of accumulated expertise, this commitment has led to the creation of MICROTECHnology, a groundbreaking approach that results in significant outcomes at a microscopic scale.

Despite their breathtaking appearance, natural stone surfaces possess inherent porosity, housing microscopic pores invisible to the naked eye. This makes them vulnerable to water and dirt infiltration, resulting in unexpected stains and gradual deterioration. Leveraging micrometric particles, MICROTECHnology seamlessly penetrates the surface, adeptly filling these tiny voids to establish a robust protective shield.



Advantages of MICROTECHnology
  • Breathability – our technology ensures surfaces remain breathable without leaving any film or greasy residue.
  • Water Repellency – water beads on the surface prevent penetration into the stone and preserve its integrity.
  • Hygienic – by filling micropores, our protection reduces the potential for staining and odour-causing germs to accumulate.
  • Stain & Oil Resistance – stains and oil are kept on the surface, preventing infiltration into the material’s pores.
  • Eco-Friendly – we prioritise sustainability by using advanced materials with minimal environmental impact.
  • Impregnating – our UV-resistant, non-yellowing protection permeates the material, delivering lasting results.
  • Time and Cost Savings – our solutions optimise project investments by minimising maintenance, restoration, and reinstallation costs.



WET STONE ECO vs. WET ECO: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to surface care, choosing the right product is paramount. Let’s compare WET STONE ECO and WET ECO to help you make an informed decision:

WET STONE ECO is specifically formulated to enhance the appearance of rough-textured natural stone surfaces like split faces and tumbled and flamed stones. It provides a glossy finish while protecting against stains, dirt, and surface dust. It also acts as a surface consolidating agent and is suitable for interior and exterior use.

On the other hand, WET ECO, our colour-enhancing sealer, is designed for unpolished natural stones, agglomerates, and terracotta surfaces. It provides a wet effect while preventing stains and facilitating dirt removal. It is also suitable for interior and exterior applications. It boasts a formulation developed from organic raw materials and renewable resources, ensuring durability and environmental friendliness.



With our innovative products like WET STONE ECO and WET ECO, you can confidently specify surface care solutions, ensuring longevity and beauty. Our certifications, including the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate, also guarantee eco-friendly excellence:

Certified Excellence: FILA’s Dedication to Quality

Quality and reliability are paramount in surface care. Fila Solutions proudly holds certifications such as ISO, Indoor Air Comfort Gold, and EcoVadis, reaffirming our commitment to excellence. Architects and designers can trust that our products meet and exceed industry standards.


Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certification

FILA is honoured to achieve the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, reflecting our dedication to low VOC emissions. As the first Italian company in our field to receive this certification, we prioritise indoor air quality and environmental responsibility.


EcoVadis Certification

FILA’s silver medal from EcoVadis showcases our progress in sustainability. This recognition motivates us to integrate environmental responsibility into our operations further, aligning with our commitment as a signatory of The Climate Pledge.


Quality and Environmental Management

Fila Solutions also holds UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, affirming our dedication to quality and environmental management. These certifications validate our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions while minimising ecological impact.



Embracing Sustainability: Our Commitment to a Brighter Future

The industry’s focus on sustainability has shifted significantly, with projects increasingly prioritising certification for VOC levels and overall sustainability. Meeting such targets necessitates changes in manufacturing processes, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this transition.

At FILA, we embrace this change wholeheartedly, recognising its significance to our environment. Our R&D team has taken proactive steps to create concentrated cleaners and ensure that 83% of our products are now water-based, minimising packaging and water usage. Additionally, we’re actively working to reduce our carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.



Unparalleled Technical Support: Guiding Architects Every Step of the Way

At FILA Solutions, our commitment to exceptional technical support is ingrained in everything we do. We’re more than a construction resource; we’re your trusted partners, guiding architects and designers seamlessly through each project phase with expertise and precision. Our seasoned team of consultants is dedicated to providing personalised guidance, ensuring that you choose the optimal products, including the finest ecological sealers, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your scheme. With an extensive understanding of stone and factory-recommended products, we’re adept at maximising the outcomes of every installation, delivering outcomes that exceed expectations.

Likewise, our technical support transcends traditional boundaries, offering assistance through various channels, including email, video calls, or hands-on on-site visits. We know that this collaborative approach guarantees exceptional results and utmost client satisfaction. Whether you’re grappling with on-site challenges or seeking tailored recommendations for stone treatments, we’re here to simplify the installation process.



Explore Precision in Specification

Partner with FILA for Architectural Surface Care Excellence

With FILA Solutions, you can confidently navigate the complexities of surface care, knowing that your materials are in the hands of industry leaders committed to reliability and excellence. Take your architectural projects to the next level. Tap into our technical expertise and discover our innovative surface products. Thank you for reading.


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