Protecting Your Rustic Home Renovation: A Guide to Stain Protection with MP90 ECO XTREME


Are you gearing up for a home renovation in 2024? If so, you’re likely drawn to the timeless allure of natural stone, concrete, or terrazzo tiles. Renowned for their rustic elegance and durability, these materials effortlessly complement any space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. However, despite their inherent resilience, these materials are susceptible to stains. Spills from food, beverages, and other substances can seep into their porous surfaces, leaving unwanted marks. But fear not! Allow us to introduce MP90 ECO XTREME – your ultimate solution for stain protection, ensuring your new surfaces maintain their stunning appearance and longevity for years to come.

Whether you’re renovating a suburban dwelling, an urban loft, or a countryside retreat, preserving the pristine appearance of your surfaces is paramount. Let’s explore some considerations of these popular materials:

Natural stone

Natural stone, without a doubt, can bring a timeless elegance to your home. From marble kitchen worktops to limestone flooring, each type of stone presents distinct maintenance requirements.

  • Marble – luxurious and elegant, marble demands regular cleaning and sealing to prevent staining and etching.
  • Granite – granite exhibits high resistance to stains; however, prolonged exposure to water can still result in discolouration.
  • Limestone – boasting a rustic and organic charm, limestone infuses warmth into any space, though diligent maintenance is needed to prevent staining.
  • Travertine – known for its textured surface and earthy hues, travertine requires regular sealing and gentle cleaning to preserve its appearance and prevent staining and etching.



Concrete worktops and flooring, cherished for their durability and adaptability, are a top pick for rustic interiors. Yet, how do you safeguard its rugged beauty? Besides regular cleaning, sealing is critical for the protection of concrete. This extra layer shields against stains and surface damage, ensuring your concrete surfaces endure. Establishing a consistent maintenance routine, including sealing and opting for appropriate cleaning products, strengthens concrete and preserves its charm and longevity.



Terrazzo flooring is a captivating blend of concrete’s durability with the luxurious aesthetic of marble or granite. Its intricate mix of materials creates a visually stunning surface that requires consistent attention to maintain its allure and integrity. Like other natural stone surfaces, terrazzo is prone to staining and etching. Regular cleaning is, therefore, essential to remove dirt and debris that can blemish its appearance. Additionally, terrazzo requires sealing to safeguard against stains and surface damage due to its porous nature.


Preserving the charm of your freshly renovated floors and countertops

Natural stone, concrete, and terrazzo flooring each offer unique charm and durability. However, as mentioned, ensuring their longevity and aesthetic appeal requires proactive maintenance and protection. Enter this remarkable product – a game-changer in the world of stain protection. This eco-compatible water-and-oil-repellent shield is specially formulated to safeguard these particular surfaces while preventing stains from penetrating deep into the material. Unlike traditional sealers that leave a visible film or alter the surface’s appearance, MP90 ECO XTREME works invisibly, preserving the material’s innate beauty.

This sealer effectively shields your surfaces from water and stains by creating an invisible barrier, ensuring their integrity. Whether you’re admiring the enduring allure of terrazzo flooring or embracing the rustic charm of natural stone or concrete, this environmentally friendly protector provides unmatched defence. Recognising the nuanced care needs of your surface materials is crucial for sustaining their beauty and functionality throughout your home renovation journey. Through consistent cleaning and the application of a protective sealer, you can uphold the character and longevity of your surfaces for years to come.


Advantages of MP90 ECO XTREME

The advantages of MP90 ECO XTREME extend far beyond its exceptional stain protection properties. Endorsed by the Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate, this eco-friendly solution boasts an extremely low VOC and a minimal environmental impact, making it ideal for eco-conscious homeowners.

Thanks to its water-based formulation, this sealer can withstand residual humidity conditions. It enables swift application and allows for foot traffic just two hours after applying under the right conditions, without forming surface films or discolouration. Additionally, its single-coat application and quick drying time expedite the treatment process, allowing homeowners to enjoy their renovated spaces sooner.

Application and usage

Applying MP90 ECO XTREME is straightforward and yields exceptional results. Begin by preparing the surface according to the instructions provided on the label. Once prepared, use the product and gently rub it over the surface until it is completely absorbed. It’s also important to wipe away any residues with a dry cloth to avoid leaving raw materials on the surface.

Whether protecting kitchen surfaces, bathroom tops, or stone floors, FILA’s green protector epitomises efficiency, sustainability, and superior performance.

Real-life applications

FILA’s innovative stain protection solutions have been trusted in various residential settings, ensuring surface beauty preservation for homeowners. FILA’s sealers have safeguarded a range of materials from upscale urban developments to countryside retreats. For instance, FILA collaborated with Stone & Ceramic at Fulham Reach to protect bespoke stone vanities, bath panels, and niches using MP90 ECO XTREME. The result? Unparalleled stain protection for the vibrant community space nestled along the River Thames.

Similarly, Knightsbridge Gardens, featuring 29 luxurious apartments in London’s heart, relied on FILA’s Surface Care products to maintain the pristine appearance of various natural stone surfaces. Collaborating with primary contractor Skanska and tiling sub-contractor Stone and Ceramic, FILA ensured the timeless elegance of surfaces across the development, from lift lobbies to reception areas, using products like MP90 ECO XTREME.

Other tips for maintaining natural stone, concrete and terrazzo surfaces

Caring for your natural stone, concrete, and terrazzo surfaces also requires thoughtful consideration of your cleaning methods and products. By following these best practices, you can ensure your chosen material remains in optimal condition for years to come:

  • Use a pH-neutral cleaning product – opt for a cleaning product like CLEANER PRO, specifically designed for delicate materials such as natural stone. Avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.
  • Mop and wipe down regularly – consistent cleaning is vital for preventing the accumulation of dust and grime. Regularly sweep or vacuum the floors and mop them using a pH-neutral detergent to keep them clean. Additionally, work surfaces can be easily wiped down with CLEAN&SHINE to maintain their pristine appearance.
  • Avoid abrasive pads or brushes – when mopping, avoid using abrasive pads or brushes to prevent damage to the stone’s finish. Additionally, water exposure should be limited to prevent long-term damage.
  • Promptly address spills – act quickly to clean up spills, preventing stains from setting in and preserving the integrity of the material.

Discover the power of MP90 ECO XTREME

These high-end materials make a stylish statement and go beyond mere surfaces. Whether you prefer luxury marble flooring or terrazzo’s Italian style, each material carries an individual story. Preserving these surfaces showcases reverence for their natural beauty and the ambience they bring to any room. Your knowledge, consistent care, and avoidance of common pitfalls all play a role in maintaining the allure of your internal scheme. By following these guidelines, your surfaces will continue to serve as a splendid homage to your home.

Watch our demonstrations here!

Are you eager to see this innovative sealer in action? Watch our video demonstration below, or click here to see Ken Hudson of Huds Tiling Services Ltd testing MP90 ECO XTREME on a wall.




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