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How to treat autumn efflorescence – DETERDEK and FILAPW10

Efflorescence or ‘lime bloom’ can be a real problem during the autumn.  The white substance forms a powder-like coating and, because the weather is damper, it evaporates more slowly than in the summer. Efflorescence is made up of soluble salts and moisture which migrate to the surface, evaporate and leave a salt deposit behind. As […]

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How to stop efflorescence in its tracks

Advice on treating tiles with FILAPW10 – before they are fixed – to create a barrier against efflorescence.

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How to treat efflorescence – before it arises!

Efflorescence can be a tricky problem to treat – and the unsightly white marks it leaves can ruin the appearance of a natural surface. The tell-tale streaks and stains are caused by soluble salts and other water dispersible materials, which rise to the top of absorbent surfaces, like stone and terracotta.   So, the answer is […]

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