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Caring for encaustics

Encaustic tiles are enjoying a real resurgence at the moment. Having been covered over, in recent decades, original encaustics are now being lovingly restored. New designs are also available. See our advice on protecting new and original encaustic tiles – during installation and renovation projects

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Fila protects decorative surfaces at Britain’s greenest service station

A eco-focused UK case study, where two Fila systems have been specified to protect and clean Mapei Ultratop cementitious flooring.

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How to Clean and Care for Tumbled Marble Tile

Tumbled marble has a really distinct look – a sophisticated feel without the sharp edges – but it does need to be treated with care.   Step 1 – Sealing Tumbled Marble Tumbled marble should be sealed after installation with a sealer formulated specifically for stone to maximize protection against dirt, dust and debris becoming […]

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