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Why do I need a pH neutral cleaner?

If you’ve recently had a stone floor installed, you’ve probably been recommended to use a pH neutral cleaner.  But, what does that actually mean?

The pH scale is used to measure how acidic or alkaline a solution is.  It ranges from 0 to 14 – a value less than pH7 is acidic; a value more than pH7 is alkaline and pH7 is classified as neutral.


Some natural stones are sensitive to acid, so if you use a detergent that has a pH value below 7, it may etch or ‘eat’ into the surface. The pH value of general household cleaners can differ considerably and some that are suitable for one type of surface may potentially cause damage to another.  Traditional remedies like vinegar and lemon have a pH value of around 3, so should be avoided at all costs!

To ensure a safe and thorough clean, I recommend pH neutral FILACLEANER.  It can be used on all natural surfaces and it has a lovely fragrance.  For best results, add to warm water at a dilution of 1:200 – or 1:30-50 if your floor’s really dirty.  And that’s the job done; no need to rinse (when diluted 1:200)!

For more advice, just contact Fila’s UK Help Line on tel. 01584 877286 or visit

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