5 Common Household Stains | The Best Stain Remover for Each

No matter how careful you are, household stains are simply a fact of life. Stubborn marks are annoying, there’s no doubt about that, but luckily most can be removed if you use the right methods. Rule number one; make sure to act fast and choose the best stain remover for the issue in question. Whether it’s food, children or drink, read on for our guide to banishing tough stains for good.

1) Grease and oil

The kitchen, no doubt, is the heart of a home and a place we bake, cook and share meals. A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness, right? Well, on the one hand, yes, but it doesn’t mean that food stains are any less of a pain. Even a simple side salad can result in a mark if you have a penchant for a drizzle of oil. Here are some tips for combatting splatters and spills to keep your surfaces in excellent condition.

The best stain remover for greasy marks

Due to its greasy consistency, oil can be stubborn and requires more than just soap and water. If the stain is fresh, FILA’s NOSPOT is easy to use and formulated to leave no traces. Additionally, NOSPOT is the best stain remover for natural stone and is especially effective on external terracotta. For silicone, resin or grease, FILA’s ZEROSIL is also a quick-acting silicone remover.

2) Children’s crayons and ink

Kids love to draw but not strictly on paper; a normal step in their development. Still, tiles look better scribble-free, so if you have children, here’s the best stain remover to get those pigments out.

How to remove indelible marker

Discovered some suspicious new art? Don’t panic; SR95 can even remove indelible marker. Simply shake the can before use and apply to the stain before wiping away the excess after fifteen minutes.

3) Red wine

Love a nice glass of Sangiovese? You’re not alone; full-bodied reds are the UK’s 2nd most popular wine. This particular grape takes its name from ‘the blood of Jupiter’, and pairs really well with friends around a kitchen island. This red wine might be great for the palette, but not so much for the home if you knock a small glass of it over. Red wine stains are probably one of the worst, so never delay; tackle it with FILA now!

The best wine stain remover

One common misconception when it comes to red wine is to apply salt to the stain. This should be completely avoided as salt will only harden the mark; instead, rinse with cold water and apply a wine stain remover. FILA’s SR95 works to remove the coloured, organic part of the red wine to restore the colour of natural stone or tiles. Be warned, however, SR95 will remove the red wine stain but not the acid aggression so you may need to follow on with FILA’s MARBLE RESTORATION KIT.

4) Mould

Bathroom humidity can often create the perfect environment for mould. Because it can also be harmful to health, prevention is better than the cure; here’s how to fight mould and mildew for good.

Tackling mould and mildew

To facilitate day to day cleaning and protect grout we’d recommend the FILA system for porcelain tiles. Simply clean the tiles using FILA’s FUGANET and when dry, spray FUGAPROOF directly onto the grouting before wiping away any excess product. In the case of natural stone, use a FILA cleaner before applying MP90 ECO XTREME. We recommend PS87 PRO for the cleaning of unpolished stone and CLEANER PRO for polished and acid-sensitive surfaces. Additionally, ALGACID is great for removing a build-up of mould on natural stone and porcelain tiles.

5) Rust

Want to keep your patio cleaner? We’ve got your back, especially when it comes to rust. This type of stain usually occurs when water in the garden runs over rusty metal fixtures, and only a rust remover product will do. In fact, a recent study by House Beautiful found patios were one of the most challenging surfaces to clean. Removing rust can be tricky, but it’s not impossible; read on for the best stain remover to help.

Rust remover for patios

FILA’s NORUST is a patio cleaner and rust remover all in one. Because let’s face, who wants to spend hours scrubbing at their garden paving? NORUST is a non-acidic formulation that’s great for marble, granite and other natural stone. No dilution is also required; the product is ready to use and will save you all the backbreaking work!

Thank you for reading our post on tackling stains; all it takes is the correct procedure and FILA product. Remember, the quicker you act, the easier the job – we hope you have found this information useful. Thanks again.

5 Common Household Stains | The Best Stain Remover for Each
5 Common Household Stains | The Best Stain Remover for Each

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