Professional Landscaping | The FILA Products to Know for Every Job

Professional landscaping experts, are you prepared for every kind of project there is? There’s no doubt landscapers face a lot of hard work, but the right cleaners and sealers are essential to your garden toolkit. So whether you’re a driveway restorer or landscaping expert, we have a range of formulations that are easy to use and will make life easy. Top-quality products are also vital for creating word of mouth business – here are 9 essentials you need to add to your toolkit.

Concrete cleaner for driveways

Concrete driveways are completely resilient, but over time, they can lose their fresh new look. PS87 PRO is a highly acclaimed concrete cleaner and is effective against oily layers, making driveway restoration straightforward.

Limescale detergent for patios

When patios are exposed to rain and snow, salt residues are left and limescale can appear on the surface. This chalky substance can ruin the appearance of tiles and lead to questions from clients like, ‘How can I remove these marks?’’.

If you’re going to add anything to your landscaping tool kit, make it DETERDEK PRO, this product is a fast-acting limescale detergent and end-of-work cleaner. If you’re also laying external porcelain tiles, we’d recommend using this to clean grout residues to keep the tiles in peak condition long-term.

Active mould remover

During Autumn and Winter, paving and paths can become wet and slippery due to a build-up of growths. If you often get asked to treat hard surfaces like these, use FILA’s ALGACID to remove algae and mould in just fifteen minutes.

Specialist rust remover

Sometimes patios and pavers can suffer rust stains, thanks to improperly sealed wrought iron garden furniture. If you’re faced with rust stains on a job, removal is not nearly as hard as you think, and in many cases, it can be done quite quickly. FILA’s rust remover, NORUST, scrubs patios up well with a gel-like formulation that means less waste. No dilution is also required; our rust remover is ready to use and will save you lots of backbreaking work!

Natural stone and agglomerate protection

Do your customers ever complain their stone paving has lost its colour and become a bit dull? We have just the sealing treatment they need! Not only does STONEPLUS enhance the natural colour, but it also offers stone and agglomerate protection whether a polished, honed or tumbled finish.

Concrete sealer for block paving

Concrete block paving is available in a range of different textures and colours and is a popular choice, thanks to its modern appearance. If you ever use this versatile paving to create amazing driveways and paths, you may be wondering how best to protect them long-term. CONCRETE SHIELD is FILA’s colour-enhancing protector that has been formulated for interlocking pavers, stamped concrete and more. Advantages include consolidating and dust-resistant action, enhanced stone colour and being water-based, resistance to water and staining agents. This is good news for the professional landscaper because on-site work time is reduced – in fact, it only takes 4 hours for the product to dry! Then there’s FILA’s W68, another optional and natural effect concrete sealer that is also water-based and free of hydrocarbon solvents.

Concentrated cleaner for imprinted concrete

Also known as stamped concrete, imprinted paving should be maintained with a pH-neutral cleaner. Any substances with a pH lower than 7 can undo your hard work, so we’d recommend your client maintains their paving with something gentle like CLEANER PRO. This cleaner will also protect against any opacifying layers which can sometimes build-up, plus there’s no need to rinse! As it’s also a concentrated cleaner, a little goes a long way – why not have a read of our post for more concrete maintenance tips?

Low VOC natural stone protector

Another natural stone protector for paving, MP90 ECO XTREME will make garden maintenance easy for your client. This sealer not only provides a natural finish, leaving the surface unaltered, it facilitates cleaning and also waterproofs natural stone. In fact, we can’t think of a better product to suggest to your clients than this low VOC sealer which is completely environmentally friendly too. With only a single-coat application needed, this sealer is one to add to your kit if you’re looking for more sustainable options.

Toolkit essentials by FILA

Building on a collection of products is a great investment, but remember quality over quantity is key. It’s definitely better to have two amazing products over five that work fine, not just for your reputation but the environment as well! So if you’re looking for the right toolkit essentials, talk to our team, and we’ll help you consider what works for you based on your clients. Better still, a lot of our products are highly concentrated so they go a long way – why not drop us any questions you have in the comments? Thank you for reading.

Professional Landscaping
Professional Landscaping | The FILA Products to Know for Every Job

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