The Best Stain Protector for Natural Stone | Tips to Enhance Colour, Care and Protect

Natural stone has been used for construction and design purposes for a very long time. Once the material of choice for castles and towers, these days, it can be found in many households across the globe. Natural stone is not only visually striking, but it’s also a conductor of heat, making it the perfect material to use with underfloor heating. It does, however, need the appropriate care to prolong its life span; read on for some tips to protect and restore your stone’s natural colour.

Why use a colour enhancing protector for natural stone?

Nothing compares to natural stone when it comes to enriching a space. Luxurious and wonderfully pure, it varies wildly in texture to create a truly unique home. Over time, however, natural beauty can fade, and stone needs the right care to keep it looking lovely for longer. For this reason, we’d recommend treating your stone with a colour enhancing protector which doubles up as a sealer to prevent stains. Additionally, if the tones are more muted than you’d like, some FILA products can actually intensify colour and result in a vibrant palette. Our range of protectors also facilitate cleaning and make light work of chores – who wouldn’t want an easier life?

Choosing the best stain protector for you

The best stain protector for you will depend on several factors; the stone type, finish, location and maintenance. For instance, is the stone on the floor or a wall, what room is it in and is there a chance it will be subjected to high traffic and stains? When determining how to protect your stone, consider these points, and you will find the right FILA product for you. Here are three, in particular, you can try at home; STONEPLUS, WET ECO and WET.

FILA’s wet look sealer for natural stone

A wet look sealer for natural stone, WET provides protection for surfaces like unfinished marble and granite. It also penetrates deep into the stone to avoid oily stains and is ideal for applying to tumbled marble floor in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, WET does not yellow or flake and, with every coat, gives a more intense wet-look finish. No dilution is also required; it’s simply ready to use and should be applied to a clean, dry surface.

The best stain protector for polished stone

The best stain protector for marble, granite and agglomerates, STONEPLUS is ideal for kitchen worktops and floors. Not only does this fantastic product protect, but it also enhances colour, whether polished, honed or tumbled stone. STONEPLUS can also be used indoors or out to revive any finish and can even be used for decorative stone. To protect and enhance your stone, a little goes a long way; simply apply and rub with a cloth to remove any excess product.

FILA’s colour enhancing protector

WET ECO is a colour enhancing protector for a wet-effect look on unpolished stone, agglomerates and terracotta. It is particularly suited for exterior use but also effective indoors for the prevention of stains and facilitation of cleaning. Water-based, this product is also an ecological treatment, planet-friendly and extremely low in VOC’s. Additionally, it won’t affect the frost resistance of terracotta and is resistant to weathering – simply apply this product to a clean, dry surface and apply a second coat after 2-3 hours.

Other tips for the care and protection of natural stone

Understanding your stone will go a long way in relation to the right equipment to use like brushes or pads. It’s also the little things that count, such as coasters and matts which will prevent stains from food and drink. Additionally, always use a worktop trivet under hot dishes and pans – sealants can weaken from excessive heat. It also helps to have a plan for when the unexpected occurs – why not check out our post on tackling household stains?

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you enjoyed and now understand the benefits of using a colour enhancing protector. In summary, by following our simple advice, you’ll achieve the desired result; natural stone that never loses its appeal! Thanks again.

Best Stain Protector, Natural Stone
The Best Stain Protector for Natural Stone | Tips to Enhance Colour, Care and Protect



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