Dirty grouting? How to clean it easily and protect it from stains

Ceramic and porcelain tiles make an excellent choice for flooring and wall covering projects. In particular, the chemical structure of porcelain tiles makes them resistant to marking, making them a durable option for kitchens and bathrooms. If you have tiles in your home, you probably know how tedious it can be to keep the grout clean. Thankfully, this usually challenging task is straightforward with FILA; here’s how to clean grout and protect it from stains.

Why do tiles and grout get dirty?

Surprisingly, filthy mop water from washing floor tiles is a common source of discoloured grout. Although water-resistant in form, grout is also porous and even, when fully cured, can eventually look grubby. Bacteria is all around us, and no matter how often clean, if it’s not done correctly, stain-causing microbes can attack your grout lines. Our advice? Invest in the right tools for tile and grout cleaning for effective results – here’s how often it needs to be done.

How often should tiles and grout be cleaned?

The secret to beautifully clean tiles? Frequent cleaning is key, even when your grout lines look clean! Most people only tackle a deep clean of their grout when it’s too late, and nasty mould and mildew have taken hold. For a better cleaning regime, we suggest using SANIFAST to disinfect tiles and grout every few days. You can then carry a more thorough clean every two to three weeks to keep sneaky bacteria at bay.

The best way to clean tiles and grout

Tile grout, as previously said, is absorbent and stain-prone, but not to the point of allowing water damage. Cleaning and sealing your grout will keep it from absorbing dirt, but first, it will need to be cleaned. When it comes to limescale on tiles in the shower, some people think vigorous scrubbing will do, but actually, you could end up damaging the grout. FILA’s DETERDEK PRO is a fantastic descaling detergent, and when used, it will restore stained grout and tiles.

For grime and grease, PS87 PRO is a versatile cleaner for both floor and wall tiles. Like DETERDEK PRO, it will also eliminate filth without scratching the tiles due to any excessive scrubbing. Furthermore, FUGANET is a grout cleaner for in-between joints – simply spray on directly and let it sit for ten seconds before rinsing with water. This five-star technique is great for tile and grout cleaning but let’s find out what we need for protection.

How to protect tiles and grout

After cleaning your tiles, for the best results, you should always apply a grout protector. FUGAPROOF is FILA’s grout sealer spray which works to prevent unpleasant stains by forming a barrier between the grout and dirt. This grout sealer is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also VOC-free, so you can perform an even deeper clean but without the guilt. With FUGAPROOF, never again will your grout be hard work as stains can be easily wiped – what could be better than that?

Maintenance for tiles and grout going forward

After treating your grouting and tiles with the FILA system, your surfaces will no longer be sensitive to stains. This means you’ll be able to clean tiles and grout with ease and in a shorter timeframe; all that’s required is a twice-yearly treatment with FUGANET and FUGAPROOF. In between, we’d also recommend continuing your mini maintenance with FILA’s SANIFAST for the sanitation of grout and tiles. You also can treat the appearance of mildew and mould with FILA’s ALGACID, although if you have used FUGAPROOF prior then, this will not stain.

In conclusion; tile and grout cleaning is key, even if you think they look clean…

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you’re now feeling equipped when it comes to tile and grout cleaning. Remember, just because your tiles appear clean, it doesn’t mean that they are – have a read of our earlier post to learn why it’s not just about how they look! Thanks again.

tile and grout cleaning
Grout cleaning tips with FILA

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