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Dirty grouting? How to clean it easily and protect it from stains

We know only too well how annoying and difficult cleaning tile grouting is a job that is often hard but necessary to stop the dirt encrusting and mould forming.

The grouting in bathrooms and kitchens is highly susceptible to unpleasant harmful bacteria and requires special cleaning.


What products should be used to clean grouting?

Normal surface cleaning is, unfortunately, not sufficient for correct hygiene of grouting that, over time, tends to turn black and stained. First of all, therefore, it must be cleaned thoroughly with DETERDEK descaling detergent.

Read about all the characteristics of DETERDEK acid detergent here.



How to clean floor grouting

To clean the grouting on floors in porcelain and ceramic tiles, dilute 500 ml of Deterdek in a 5-litre bucket of hot or warm water. Use a scrubbing brush or flat brush, rubbing the grouting hard. Once cleaned, rinse with plenty of water.


How to clean wall tile grouting

For easy cleaning of wall grouting, dilute about 200 ml of Deterdek in 2 litres of hot or warm water in a bowl. Use an abrasive sponge to apply the solution, rubbing the surface until the grouting is completely clean. Then rinse with water and dry the wall with a clean cloth.


Tutorial: how to clean dirty grouting


Clean grouting? Now protect it from stains!

Once clean, don’t let the grouting in your home get dirty again! Protect it with a specific stain proof treatment, ensuring long-lasting protection and easy ordinary maintenance.

With FUGAPROOF natural-effect stain protector, you can waterproof grouting and prevent stains being absorbed. In this way, the dirt will stay on the surface and a simple wipe will clean it off. FUGAPROOF does not alter the original colour of the grouting and keeps it like new for years.

Go to the technical info sheet for FUGAPROOF grouting protector


FUGANET: the detergent that keeps grouting clean

Once treated with FUGAPROOF, your grouting will no longer be sensitive to stains and you will be able to keep it clean easily. All that will be needed is maintenance once or twice a year with FUGANET spray detergent for grouting.

Go to the technical info sheet for FUGANET grouting detergent

How to use. Just spray FUGANET directly onto the grouting to be cleaned, leave for a few minutes, wipe with a sponge and rinse afterwards. Simple and quick!

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