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Cleaning paving stones, patios and paths: how to remove marks left by glue and other sticky substances

Now that spring has arrived, we can at last spend some time in our gardens.

Cleaning paving stones

Before you start using your patio, you’ll probably want to clean the paving stones.   Outdoor surfaces, like patios, paths and driveways, can become very dirty after being battered by the cold, wet, winter weather.

Among with hard-to-remove stubborn marks, there might also be chewing gum, pieces of sticky tape, or even glue on the surface.  But how can you remove glue stains and other residues left by sticky substances from outdoor surfaces?

PS87 PRO is the ideal solution.  It can be used on all types of outdoor floor surfaces, including ceramics, natural stone and even clay tiles.  Removing marks and restoring patio surfaces to their pre-winter glory is easy, thanks to Fila‘s range of external surface cleaning products.   Just select the right product and follow the step-by-step instructions!

We recommend PS87 PRO for removing sticky substances because it’s a cleaner and wax remover which works on the toughest external surface stains, removing them and de-greasing at the same time.

Remove glue residue

And here’s a top tip!  Use PS87 PRO diluted with warm or hot water for best results.

To remove really stubborn marks from external surfaces, dilute PS87 PRO with water (please follow the instructions on the label) and start rubbing. PS87 PRO will clean and degrease all types of external floor-type surfaces, no matter how dirty they are.

To find out more, contact the cleaning experts at Fila!

7 Replies to “Cleaning paving stones, patios and paths: how to remove marks left by glue and other sticky substances”

  1. I really appreciate your work, especially the research part of it which made the whole point very easy to understand. How to remove marks left by glue and other sticky substances. Keep posting and keep sharing.

  2. Thank you for this article. I learned a lot here on how to clean paving stones. I will try to clean my pavings with that FILAPS87.

  3. Tile which I purchased, kitchen clay tile, has a dirty film on most of the tiles. What can I do to remove the dirty film. It is white with blue gray design covering the 12×12 tile

    1. Hi June,
      our technical assistance has answered to your questions via email.
      Best Regards

  4. Hi workmen have walked wood floor glue brown in colour all over my white stone patio can any thing remove this pls let me no thank you

    1. Good Morning Chris,
      you can try to remove the glue residues from your stone patio floor with FILAZEROSIL.
      We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.
      Best Regards,

  5. Thanks for the tip to use FILAPS87 to remove marks and sticky substances on outdoor floor surfaces. The previous homeowner of where I live did a pretty poor renovation of the paving stone in our backyard, and I would like to get it taken care of. A paving stone cleaning services expert could also be an option to consider.


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