Eco-friendly products for the home: The Fila Green Action project

Fila’s Green Action project is the collective name for all Fila’s “eco actions.”  There are many ways in which Fila helps protect and care for the environment: by certifying its production and offering recommendations on using the more environmentally friendly products it produces.

Eco friendly products for the homeWith the environment in mind,  Fila wanted to create a range of eco-friendly products for the home. The result is Fila Green Line – a collection  of solvent-free, non-flammable cleaning products which are not harmful to humans or the environment.

Fila Green Line products are characterized by their high levels of biodegradability and they’re also free of solvents which attack the ozone layer.   The products are also free of formaldehyde and hypochlorites, while the waxes Fila uses do not contain metals which can be the cause of high water pollution levels.

Fila’s ecological home cleaning products are highly concentrated and very effective, which means less waste and smaller packaging sizes. In addition, by keeping pH levels between 3 and 12, Fila products do not corrode surfaces – but they still ensure a very high standard of cleaning performance.

Fila’s Green Action range complies with VOC regulations, which means its products emit very low levels of volatile hydrocarbons (the main cause of global warming) and they do not contain substances thought to be responsible for reproductive problems (in men and animals), such as phthalates and plasticizers.

Three of Fila’s products are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) “low-emission materials-paints and coatings” certified.

FILAPRW200: a pre-grouting treatment which prevents the ingression of dirt, is free of VOCs and does not release toxic emissions into the environment

FILAHP98: a clear, water repellent for waterproofing exterior surfaces (brick, natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, cement, clinker)

FILAW68: an ecological treatment which eliminates any kind of oily stain, without altering the appearance of surfaces or finishes.

The Fila Green Action range demonstrates that the company’s awareness goes way beyond simply showing respect for the environment, by using eco-friendly looking labelling and displaying little-known certifications. Instead, Fila wants you to know that it is fully committed to providing a full range of genuinely eco- friendly products for the home.

If you would like to find out more about the Fila Green Action project and the Fila Green range of environmentally friendly home cleaning products, contact us!


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