How to remove wine stains from stone

Stains from mulled wine, grape juice and other ‘festive fare’ can play havoc on natural surfaces.  Marks left from spilt drinks or the rings from the bottom of glasses and bottles can be really difficult to remove – especially on stone.  That’s because most stone surfaces, be it a kitchen counter top, floor or hearth, tend to be fairly porous.   They’ll quickly absorb the liquid, even if it’s wiped up.  But, this same porosity can also work in your favour, when it comes to removing marks.

The best method of removal is to use a specialist poultice-type solution, which will effectively pull the stain back out.  However, make sure that the product is suitable for the surface you’re treating.  Solutions that contain acid can damage stone surfaces; even seemingly ‘natural’ things, like lemon and vinegar!  Also, avoid anything abrasive and be careful not to mix chemicals together, as this could create harmful toxic gas.

We recommend stain-removing FILA SR95, to ensure that the stain is safely removed and that the surface isn’t damaged or dulled.  It’s also really effective at removing other dark stains, like coffee, tea and squash.  Before applying, blot the surface with kitchen towel to absorb any excess liquid.  Don’t wipe it; this will just spread the liquid and increase the size of the stain.  Then:

  • Shake the bottle of FILA SR95 and apply to the surface, ensuring that the stain is completely covered.
  • After 15 minutes, wipe off any residue with a clean sponge or kitchen towel.
  • For really stubborn stains, remove the treatment before it dries completely and re-apply.

FILA SR98 can be used on even the most delicate surfaces, including marble and polished stone – as well as on absorbent stone, terracotta and concrete.  It can also be used on low-absorption ceramic surfaces.

For more advice on stain removal, please call FILA’s UK Help Line on tel. 01584 877286 or visit


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