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How to quickly remove residues of silicone and glue from surfaces

Silicone is one of the most commonly used products by those who enjoy making small home repairs, but removing it effectively is often a difficult task. Silicone can in fact form very resistant stains and rings, as also occurs quite often with glue and sticky tape.


So do we have to give up on all the odd jobs at home because of a fear of silicone stains? Certainly not, just use FILAZERO SIL, FILA’s silicone remover: thanks to the specific formulation of FILAZERO SIL, silicone stains will no longer be a problem!

Its viscose consistency allows the product to act directly on the residue to be removed, preventing waste. FILAZERO SIL is the ideal product for marble and stone surfaces, for grouting and other absorbent materials.

Let’s look how to use it!

In the case of particularly larger residues, firstly remove as much residue as possible using a suitable sharp tool (e.g. box cutter, knife, blade) being careful not to damage the surface, then shake the bottle well and apply the pure product so as to completely cover every silicone residue. Wait about 20 minutes, then use the spatula provided in the kit to detach the dissolved residues and gather them up with a cloth or absorbent paper.


In just a few simple moves, the surface is clean!

Remember! FILAZERO SIL is also effective for removing residues of glue, sticky tapewax and resin.


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