Enhance the beauty of the stone with WET ECO and WET wet-look treatment

Terrasse mit Nasseffekt

Look how beautiful stone is when it’s wet from water and every nuance of colour is revitalised, shining in the sunlight! Getting this nice wet look and keeping it for good is both possible and simple to achieve – let’s see how to do it.
The wide range of FILA treatments offers two solutions that protect against staining in natural stone while also giving a beautiful wet-look finish: the water-based protective WET ECO and the alternative solvent-based WET.



Ideal in barbecue areas or car driveways, the WET ECO water-based protective solution with stain-resistant, reviving action and wet-look finish enlivens surfaces in terracotta, stone and non-polished agglomerates and makes them extremely resistant to foot traffic. Its water and oil repellent formula also facilitates the subsequent cleaning of the treated surface.

How to apply it
1) shake the product before spreading it (pure or diluted 1:10 according to the instructions in the technical file) on a clean dry surface, using a fleece, a roller or a brush; be sure to thoroughly coat the joints.
2) after 3 hours apply a second coat of WET ECO on the entire area in the same manner. Wait at least 12 hours before walking on the surface.

The benefits of WET ECO

  • It’s water-based, making for a more eco-friendly treatment and drastically reducing application time as it can be used on surfaces with residual humidity, a few days after initial cleaning.
  • Highly resistant to light and heavy foot traffic.
  • Resistant to weathering.
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean.
  • The product has extremely low VOC emissions: GEV-certified and EC1Plus-marked, it helps towards the attainment of LEED credits.

If you want a product that revives the colour of the stone and also has a consolidating action on the material, try WET. It’s ideal for surfaces in natural stone, marble, granite, local stone, untreated travertine (tumble, flame and natural sawn finishes …). It protects the material from water and oil and has a consolidating effect on the structure.

How to apply it
1) On a clean and dry surface, apply one even, continuous coat of WET with a brush.
2) Wait 24 hours and repeat the operation (particularly porous materials may need a third coat to achieve the desired wet-look effect). Wait at least 24 hours before walking on the surface.

The benefits of WET

  • Gives a pleasant wet-look finish, protects against stains and consolidates the material.
  • Provides a wet-look finish that can be intensified with several applications.
  • Does not yellow with ageing or in reaction to any environmental condition.
  • Does not flake off.

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