FILA Product Spotlight: A Guide to STONEPLUS for Natural Stone

A common aesthetic of a well-designed space, natural stone can be found in many buildings and households across the globe. Not only is stone visually striking, it’s beautifully special, but it does need maintenance to help keep it this way. As Technical Support and Training Specialist for FILA, Elisa is dedicated to keeping natural stone looking brand new. We caught up with her to talk protective treatments, and in particular, our sealer STONEPLUS; read on to learn more including reviews that were left on our client’s website; Tile Mountain.


What does STONEPLUS do?

STONEPLUS is a stone protector and colour enhancer with a stain-proof action to tone and protect natural stone. With an oil and water-repellent effect, it facilitates cleaning because any stains remain on top of the stone, chemically avoiding their absorption into the material. STONEPLUS is also the most effective way to enhance the original colour of stone, whether polished, honed, tumbled or rough. It’s also easy to apply, indoors or outside, regardless of the surface finish.



‘’Good product, helpful sales team, delivery great!’’ – Paul W.


Will it increase the gloss level of my stone? 

When using STONEPLUS, it’s important to note that this sealer will not increase the gloss level of the stone and create shine. It will, however, INCREASE THE STONE COLOUR, and please note, that once this sealer is applied, STONE CANNOT BE RESTORED BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION. We, therefore, suggest you TEST BEFORE USING on a small unnoticeable section to make sure you are happy with the colour it turns. The result will also differ depending on the stone, each one is different, and we also suggest repeating the treatment when needed to preserve the reviving effect.



‘’This product protects the tiles and really brings out the colour. I could tell the difference after it went on my split face sparkle ice tiles.’’ – Guest.


Does this colour-enhancing protector work as well as it says?

STONEPLUS protects against oil, water and dirt and facilitates cleaning whilst reviving the colour of natural stone. There’s also no acidic staining agents, nor will it create a film; however, STONEPLUS does not protect against acid aggression.



‘’It does what it says on the tin. Fantastic product and a must-have.’’ – Guest.


Can I use STONEPLUS on porcelain tiles?

STONEPLUS cannot be used for porcelain tiles as these are completely unabsorbent, and therefore, won’t accept any treatments. If you apply a product to porcelain tiles such as STONEPLUS, it will simply remain on the surface, pick up dirt and create sticky footprints.



‘’Brilliant product, brilliant service, helpful customer services team, great delivery times – we won’t be going anywhere else.’’ – Julia S.


Will it work for both polished and unpolished stone?

Yes, both are absorbent, so they will accept STONEPLUS, which itself is a very versatile product. Not only is it ideal for window sills and tops and stone decorations, but it can also be used for bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops. The only thing we’d suggest is to not use it in a tiled showering space as any limescale will become more visible after using STONEPLUS. Other than that, this sealer will penetrate deep into the stone to protect it from dirt, aqueous and oily stains.



‘’Delighted with the tiles they look fantastic. Ordering was so easy and delivery was on the day requested. Well worth buying the sample beforehand – it was the exact tiles we’d found only Tile Mountain was half the price! Still lots cheaper even though delivery to N. Ireland was £50. We bought the recommended sealer as well. Would definitely use Tile Mountain again and have recommended them to friends who are also amazed at the prices. Thank you very much.’’ – Robert C.


Can I use this stone sealer outside?

Yes absolutely, you can use this sealer outside for both stone paving and patios. It’s also UV resistant, so it won’t yellow in the sun – the handiest solution for protecting exterior natural stone.



‘’Good product.’’ – Dean W.


How do I apply STONEPLUS?

With STONEPLUS, you can either apply it yourself or hire a professional, but it is pretty straightforward to do. You’ll need a fleece applicator or brush and simply apply the sealer with your chosen tool on a clean and dry surface. We also suggest applying the sealer in a few square meters and during its application, massage the surface well with the brush or the fleece applicator in order to help its penetration into the material. Wait 15 minutes, then remove any excess, drying the surface well – the surface should not be glossy, shiny or sticky. After 12 hours the surface can be walked on. To also improve colour revival, apply 2 or 3 coats of STONEPLUS with an interval of at least 8 hours in-between.



‘’Excellent service from the guys in store and warehouse. Really helpful.’’ – Lee C


Is this stone sealer food safe? 

STONEPLUS is very food-safe, so great for kitchens if you’re dreaming of a natural stone counter. Not only will it make sure the stone doesn’t start to allow moisture ingress, but it will also maintain the aesthetic, creating worktops so clean you could eat straight from the surface. Our products are sought and chosen by well-informed consumers who demand only the best in surface cleaning and treatments. For kitchen worktops, we suggest periodically reapplying a colour enhancing sealant, such as FILA’s STONEPLUS.


  • Enriches the natural colour of the stone
  • Stain-proofing
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • UV resistant
  • Leaves no film or residue

Contact our technical team about STONEPLUS

Got a question about our product STONEPLUS? We would love to talk more – contact Elisa in our technical department for more information. Thank you for reading.

Natural Stone colour enhancer and sealer
FILA Product Spotlight: A Guide to STONEPLUS for Natural Stone.

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