5 Reasons to Use a Stone Sealer

Many homeowners choose stone as a durable choice; after all, it’s easier to keep clean than carpet, right? Actually, the porosity of stone can make it susceptible to stains and it requires sealing to ensure lasting protection. Once upon a time, the average stone sealer was silicon-based and not very effective at all. Thankfully since then, science has moved on, and these days, we can rely on effective and eco-friendly products like water-based sealers.

At FILA, we have a vast range of stone sealers that cover many concerns, from internal and external flooring to a kitchen island. Read on for five reasons to use a stone sealer, including six of our recommended products.

A stone sealer will facilitate cleaning… 

For us, the main benefit of a stone sealing product is to keep it spotless and looking great for years to come. A great stone sealer will also facilitate cleaning, making housework a breeze, allowing you more time to enjoy your family and home! Whatsmore, there’ll be no need to endlessly polish your stone to prevent streaking as the sealer will prevent the surface from absorbing too much moisture. This type of treatment also keep stains from becoming ingrained (which we discuss further down) – who wouldn’t want to feel carefree about their natural stone?

MP90 ECO XTREME is our best stone sealer to speed up the cleaning process. Ideal for every kind of absorbent surface, unpolished and polished, this sealer offers environmentally friendly stain protection.

…and act as a stain protector for surfaces

Whether your floors are made of concrete or marble, natural stone is porous and susceptible to permanent marks. A stone sealer will keep your floors free of grease stains and shoe scuff marks, but if they do happen, they’re easily cleaned instead of becoming ingrained.

FILA’s W68 is a stain protector for unpolished surfaces, sealing and protecting porous materials like rough-finish stone. It can also be used indoors or out but when used inside should be applied as a protective base-coat before the application of wax. Additionally, FOB XTREME is ideal for kitchens with natural stone floors and will hamper the absorption of common oily stains. For polished flooring like marble or granite, we’d recommend MP90 ECO XTREME for eco-compatible protection against everyday marks.

A worktop protector will keep your kitchen looking brand new

Stones like granite and marble are perfect for kitchens, thanks to their durable form and style. These stone worktops may be incredibly tough, but they can also be fragile, especially when it comes to stains. Things like grease and coffee are kitchen culprits, but a FILA sealer will protect your stone. It will, however, still need maintaining and cleaning, but any marks will be easy to wipe without the risk of leaving a tide mark.

FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME is the best worktop protector and in particular, is ideally suited for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The workhorse of any kitchen, countertops will always work hard, but at least with a FILA stone sealer, you’d never know!

A stone sealer will improve the durability of outdoor floors

Using a FILA stone sealer on your external stone will protect it from all kinds of damage. Over time, bad weather can make its way into unsealed stone and eventually cause cracks, not what you need when you want to enjoy the garden.

When applied outdoors on interlocking pavers or tiles, CONCRETE SHIELD will make the surface resistant to weathering. FOB XTREME also offers water and oil-repellent protection for natural stone and is especially ideal for barbeques and car driveways. HYDROPREP and HYDROPREP ECO are two other FILA products that protect outdoor floors and prevent moss and mould. HYDROPREP is solvent-based, whereas HYDROPREP ECO is a water-based protector but both protect natural stone against deterioration from weather conditions.

Alternatively, MP90 ECO XTREME is another stone sealer that can be used for external use – just don’t apply it when rain is forecast! This product also has extremely low VOC emissions and can withstand residual humidity; simply apply and rub in until completely absorbed.

Stone sealers are easy to apply yourself

Does the idea of sealing your stone feel like too much hard work? We promise it’s easy and relatively inexpensive. Some FILA products can also work for multiple years, making it a straightforward chore that will drastically extend the lifespan of your natural stone. Furthermore, our development into green solutions for stone sealer means that a lot of our range is water-based and incredibly eco-friendly too. So there’s no need to worry about nasty bi-products or an intense maintenance plan, just high-quality protection from grime and stains.

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you’ve enjoyed and are now feeling clued up about using stone sealer. Natural stones like marble and granite may be popular for their outward appearance, but routine maintenance is critical to preserve their aesthetic. If you’re unsure where to start and need professional advice, our UK team would be delighted to hear from you! Why not drop us a line via our contact form here – for us, there’s nothing more satisfying than well-cared-for stone. Thanks again.

Stone sealer, marble worktop, natural stone floor
5 Reasons to Use a Stone Sealer.

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