FILA Trend Spotlight: Terrazzo | 5 Ways to Embrace The Look in Your Decor

Move over marble because terrazzo is back, and it’s making a bold design statement. Once traditionally the preserve of flooring in public spaces, these days, terrazzo can add retro charm to your interior decor. This decorative style was prevalent throughout the 70s, and modern designers can’t get enough of its super-rich finish. If you’re looking to add dimension at home, terrazzo’s the one – let’s explore this sustainable material in more depth.

What is terrazzo?

Let’s go back 500 years to when terrazzo began its life in 16th century Italy. Terrazzo was created as a way to reuse scrapped rock, essentially marble set into cement and mixed with small chips of granite or broken ceramics. For this reason, it’s an incredibly sustainable option for the modern-day home if you love to do your bit for the planet! It can also come in many different forms with wildly different looks which gives terrazzo its signature rich beautiful finish.

Why is it making a comeback?

According to Pinterest, in 2018, terrazzo searches went up by 316 per cent. This made it massive that year for interior design, and from then, the trend has gone from strength to strength. Once typical of tube carriage floors and other public spaces, the speckled look has been remastered to blend with the modern-day home. If you’re looking for versatile decorative surfaces but with a sophisticated execution, terrazzo offers a striking alternative to marble and granite.

5 Ways to Embrace The Look in Your Decor

An indulgent and colourful bathroom

If you’re looking for something offbeat, terrazzo tiles can take a bathroom from standard to luxe. Not only does terrazzo add another dimension but it can also make a small bathroom feel bigger which is great if you’re lacking in space. Pair a white bathroom suite with beige and brown terrazzo for a grown-up, understated look. Cool colourways will also create a more playful scheme, like pink or mid blue, especially when paired with black or brass hardware.

Terrazzo-look porcelain floor tiles

Terrazzo may be great underfoot but if you’re planning underfloor heating you may want to consider porcelain tiles instead. Terrazzo-look porcelain tiles are better at conducting heat and are a smarter option; it can be very costly to dig up terrazzo if your heating is in need of repair. Mimicking the look and feel of real terrazzo for an authentic effect, there are many different options on the market today. This is low-key glamour at its best and so easy to do – simply choose your favourite colourway, then hire the tiler!

Terrazzo kitchen countertops

Allow terrazzo to take centre stage in your kitchen design with quirky countertops that perfectly accent exposed bowls and plates. Although terrazzo is mainly known for flooring, other applications shouldn’t be overlooked, and it’s one of the best ways to add a little something different at home. Because terrazzo also comprises of natural materials, there will be a slight difference in veining and colour, so you’ll easily find a combination you like. Modern versions are additionally highly resistant to heat, and unlike marble, terrazzo countertops cool down very fast.

Go bold with a large format terrazzo splashback

Kitchen splashbacks offer great functionality and are the perfect place to showcase some interior flair. In fact, terrazzo has evolved through big, bold colour, where larger pieces of stone are used for a statement effect. If you’re going for bold format terrazzo, keep the rest of your decor muted so as not to overpower the space. It’s a look that’s not shy, but it is definitely fun and is modern terrazzo to a tee!

DIY coffee table

Who says terrazzo has to be on a wall or the floor? This stunning table is the perfect accessory for any living room. Featuring the classic terrazzo speckle, it’s a do it yourself and can easily be recreated at home. Check out this how-to guide from Remodelista to make your very own terrazzo coffee table. If you also have terrazzo elsewhere, it’ll pull the pattern together to create a really cool, cohesive space.

Care and maintenance for terrazzo tiles

Because terrazzo is made with inerts and concrete, these specialist tiles are incredibly absorbent and reactive to acid. For this reason, we’d recommend cleaning only with pH neutral products, like FILA’s CLEANER PRO, and these tiles should also be kept as clean as possible during installation. A great sealer will also protect terrazzo from stains and prolong its lifespan, like FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME. If you have terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles, they’re even easier to maintain, and you won’t need a sealer either!

Thank you for reading our post on the trend for terrazzo – would you love this look in your home? If you need any help or advice, feel free to comment below, or why not click here for further FILA assistance? Thanks again.

Terrazzo interior decor
FILA Trend Spotlight: Terrazzo | 5 Ways to Embrace The Look in Your Decor

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