Interior Trends 2021 | 5 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Interior Scheme

From elegant Italian marble to durable granite, natural stone can be used to create a one-of-a-kind luxury space. Stone is also abundantly available in nature and, therefore, a sustainable choice – here are 5 ways you can create a timeless look at home.

Waterfall worktops and kitchen splashbacks

If you’re looking to create a showstopping kitchen design, waterfall countertops are currently in big demand. Essentially a worktop that flows down the side of your island for added effect, it provides a stunning space for you to eat, chat and relax. Resistant to thermal shock from hot pots and pans, granite and quartz are ideal for islands. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, natural stone is a must and is becoming a popular choice over manmade options. Sand-coloured tones will create a down-to-earth feel, reminiscent of a beachy escape and perfect if your taste leans towards a more neutral palette. Alternatively, if you prefer dramatic colour, think deep green and black and stone finished with exquisite veining.

Natural stone can additionally be used for the walls as a kitchen splashback for a coherent and stylish finish. Energy-efficient, durable and elegant in form, there are many reasons natural stone is at home in the kitchen!

Natural stone infinity flooring

Does your home open out to the garden? This design-savvy trick can blur the line between indoors and out. Using the same type of tiles for both indoor and outdoor floors will create an ‘infinity’ look and the illusion of never-ending space. Hardwearing and durable, natural stone is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. So when the same flooring is carried out to the garden, the result is seamless – just remember, exterior tiles should be anti-slip. Of course, natural stone flooring just isn’t complete without warm and cosy underfloor heating. As a natural conductor of heat, stone tiles work well with this type of heating system.

Types of natural stone tiles commonly used for flooring include marble, granite, limestone and travertine. With their calming and earthy characteristics, all will create a stunning aesthetic, especially when you mix and match textures and shades.

Shelves and storage

Proper storage and shelving play a big part in the aesthetic value of a room. Without them, the space can feel cluttered and lack character – making good use of wall space will enhance your decor. Consider using natural stone for floating wall shelves to create a sense of openness that can’t be achieved with closed cabinetry. These marble wall shelves are not only a functional choice, but they’re also easy to clean and provide a place to display decorative items.

Stone cladding for dimension and depth

The days of covering your walls with wallpaper are over; natural stone is the new way to go! Nowadays, homeowners are favouring interior cladding over traditional decorating for a result that stays as fresh as the day it was installed. Ideal for modern spaces, natural stone cladding will give rooms a fresh and intriguing appeal. Organic colours can also produce a relaxing effect, and so marble will be a great choice should you wish to create a spa-like bathroom sanctuary.

For long-term maintenance, it’s also important to use a sealer to protect the surface from wear and tear. Most stone has a certain level of porosity, and so this step shouldn’t be skipped if you wish to have cladding that lasts.

Natural stone home accessories

Natural materials are exactly that, and no two pieces will ever be the same. So if you want to create an individual home that beautifully flows, opt for stone accessories that have a rustic charm. Think a distinctive wood-burning stove or dining table, masterfully crafted for the perfect ambient living space. Then there’s the extras like soapstone vases and planters that expertly blend with outdoors – you can’t go wrong with ornamental objects made from natural stone.

Give natural stone surfaces a little TLC with FILA

Eco-friendly and rugged, natural stone certainly has a raw charm to it. When used in interiors, it lends a timeless, cool vibe, and we just love the many ways it can be used in the home. Creating a comfortable interior, however, is also more than simply following trends; natural stone needs TLC too! Your stone will benefit from the right cleaning products, making maintenance easy – why not speak to our team and find the right FILA products for you? Thanks for reading.

natural stone interior design
Interior Trends 2021 | 5 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Interior Scheme

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