Mood-Boosting Interior Design | 5 Ways Natural Stone Can Enhance Wellbeing

The elements you choose for your decor go beyond the design; they can also affect your mood and wellbeing. So the next time you come to renovating your home, consider natural stone to create a space that feels inviting and elegant. Generally easy to clean and a durable choice, natural stone will also create a space with feel-good vibes. If you’re looking to relax your mind, body and soul, here’s how the healing power of stone can benefit your overall wellness.

1. Natural stone provides colour therapy

It’s a well-known fact that colour can affect our behaviour beyond our control. Colour psychology is the study of hues, and although not obvious to some, their influence is undeniably real. While vibrant hues stir the spirit and encourage chit chat, neutral shades like white evoke a more calming sensation. This is one of the main reasons why you’ll find marble in spas, as this stone increases relaxation.

The science of colour is exactly the same when it comes to choosing natural stone for your home. Each one has a different vibe, given that each slab is unique, and so they easily set the tone for a room.

2. It connects your home and you with nature

Last year saw us spending lots of time in the home, and while this was nice, it ran the risk of many becoming disconnected from the outside world. Simply put, nature is good for our health, and when fused with design, it is the secret to a happy, healthier space. Biophilic Design is a concept that means making the most of sensory elements and organic materials like natural stone, wood and bamboo. The purpose is to encourage a restorative environment, and the results are so good, corporations like Apple are adopting this principle for their headquarters too.

Natural stone flooring and worktops can link home decor with nature better than any other man-made material can. Not only will stone act as an emotional bridge, merging indoors with outside, but its raw form can also create a feeling of warmth and depth. Take the organic patterns in marble with its graceful veining, a representation of nature in the most elegant way. Natural textures also provide a tactile experience and a welcoming place you can retreat to after a long day.

3. Natural stone promotes good Feng Shui

If you’re not up on Feng Shui, this Chinese practice aims to restore balance with the arrangement of pieces in living spaces. A philosophy well over 3000 years old, this science and art divides everything into the five elements: water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. Under Feng Shui practices, stones like marble and granite represent stability, harmony and trust. You could even say it’s the oldest form of Biophilic Design, but if there’s one thing for sure natural stone has long been a symbol of strength.

4. It is a hypoallergenic option

According to a report by Allergy UK, 12 million people are estimated to be allergic to their homes. If you’re an allergy sufferer yourself, you’ll know the type of flooring you choose can make real a difference to your overall health. One general rule is to avoid carpet as this can hold allergens from mould, pollen and also dust mites. Instead, choose natural stone to help you breathe easy at night, but remember, the rougher the surface, the more dirt it holds.

5. Natural stone can reduce toxins

As well as being a hypoallergenic choice, natural stone can reduce the amount of potentially hazardous materials you’re exposed to. Vinyl flooring and older carpets, in particular, contain toxins like phthalates which can contribute to a variety of nasty health issues. Unlike some worktop materials like laminate and steel, natural stone also doesn’t always require a chemical-laden manufacturing process. Some installers, however, do use solvent-based sealers, so if you’re concerned, opt for a water-based version like MP90 ECO XTREME.

Essential cleaners to keep your stone tip-top

If you want the full positive effects of natural stone in your home, make sure to perform regular maintenance with the right sealer and cleaners. All of our products are safe to use on natural stone, whether limestone, marble or granite – to find your perfect match, click here for assistance. Thanks for reading.

natural stone wellbeing
Mood-Boosting Interior Design | 5 Ways Natural Stone Can Enhance Wellbeing



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