New solvent-free surface protector joins Fila Green Line

Fila’s introduced a new solvent-free, stain-proofing protector to its Green Line.

FILAMP90 ECO PLUS is a high performance sealant that’s LEED-approved and designed for polished and unpolished stone, as well as polished porcelain.

The new water-based protector can be applied inside and outside, even when there’s some residual moisture, so it can cut application time by up to 80%

Like all of the products in Fila’s Green Line, FILAM90 ECO PLUS is biodegradable and it has a very low VOC content. It protects against stains, without forming a film or altering appearance and it can be used on a variety of surfaces, like tiles, vanity units and kitchen work surfaces. It can also provide weather and anti-graffiti protection outdoors.

One litre of FILAMP90 ECO PLUS gives around 30m² of coverage on stone and 30-40m² on porcelain and the treatment is available in 250ml, one litre and five litre containers, to suit all application needs.

To find out more, please contact Lisa Breakspear at Fila UK on tel. 01584 877286, email [email protected] or visit

FilaMP90 ECO PLUS eng


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2 Replies to “New solvent-free surface protector joins Fila Green Line”

  1. we require a cleaner for our ceramic tiles and also a sealer for the tiles matt surface, can you give us the name and the price of the two types required

    1. Good Afternoon Tam C Smith,
      It must be remembered that a good ceramic tiles floor is non-absorbent so it cannot stain. When this happens it is possible that on its surface there is a patina of dirt which must be removed using the appropriate detergents. In this case I recommend a double wash with DETERDEK and FILAPS87.

      To perform a good cleaning after laying the flooring, the use of DETERDEK is indicated. The product allows the removal of cementitious grout residues. Our advice, however, is to test the product on a non-laid tile before treating the entire flooring. In this way it will be possible to evaluate the resistance to chemical agents of the laid material.

      In order to wash the surface with the acid detergent DETERDEK, proceed by diluting the product 1: 5 in water and apply it on the floor, few square meters at a time. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then intervene with an abrasive scrubber or sponge. Work the flooring with energy, collect the residues with a clean cloth or absorbent paper and rinse with clean water.

      In the case of permanent halos or greased surfaces, we recommend the use of FILAPS87, alkaline detergent. The product allows to eliminate patinas due to the use of wrong detergents or to organic products, often, in the formulation of the cement grout. In order to clean the surface with FILAPS87, proceed by diluting the product 1:10 in water (1/2 liter of product in 5 liters of water) and apply it to the floor, a few square meters at a time. Leave to work for 4-5 minutes and then work with a scrubber or a single brush. Work the flooring with energy, collect the residues with a clean cloth or paper towel and rinse with clean water.

      To keep the floor in good condition we always suggest using a neutral detergent, the FILACLEANER. In fact, the normal detergents can leave residues that, over time, can create unsightly patinas and halos. It is possible that cleaning products (such as bleach, ammonia, non-neutral detergents or detergents with a glossy effect, vinegar or other) or cleaning tools used so far (such as steamers, moci, …) have been insufficient to remove dirt or have left a residue creating a superficial patina.
      For daily maintenance, therefore, we suggest using FILACLEANER diluted 1: 200 (3 caps in 5 liters of water) in water. No need to rinse.

      I just want to remember that a correct maintenance is the best way to maintain the floor in good conditions.

      Best regards,


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