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Poolside safety with FILA solutions

Pool-related slips, trips and falls are a big deal – and when a non-slip surface becomes slippery, it’s rarely the fault of the tile.

Swimming pools and changing areas are full of contaminants and an efficient cleaning regime’s essential.  Indoors, body fats/fluids, cosmetics and suntan lotion can cause real problems, whilst outdoor areas can also be affected by environmental contaminants – from rain containing microscopic algae spores, to bird droppings.


During cleaning, most people wash down surfaces with a detergent and then use the pool water to swish it away.  In doing so, they’re covering the cleaned surface with contaminants, once again.   Pay particular attention to using the correct detergent in the first place, as many aren’t effective at breaking down organic matter and can also leave difficult residues on the tile surface, creating a cycle of ineffective cleaning and residues.

So what’s the answer to this recurring problem?  Firstly, use a good, biodegradable alkaline cleaner, like FILAPS87, which will break down the contaminants, without contaminating the pool water – and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Different dilutions/application methods can be used for different purposes.  For example:

  • A dilution of 1:10 to 1:20 for cleaning – or 1:5 for a deeper clean/to remove wax.
  • Or, an undiluted application to remove stains and epoxy grout residue.

For more information and advice, visit FILAPS87 – product information


Alkaline cleaners are ideal for the removal of organic dirt but if you’re faced with limescale build up, you’ll need an acid-based treatment to remove it.  Make sure that you choose a buffered acid cleaner, like DETERDEK, for two reasons: Firstly, it won’t emit harmful fumes; these can be dangerous if inhaled and, if drawn into air conditioning ducting, which could then erode over time – a very expensive mistake!  Secondly, non-buffered hydrochloric acid can erode aluminum and steel; a particular problem if it comes into contact with swimming pools steps, shower fittings, patio furniture and other metal objects.

DETERDEK should be diluted 1:5 – 1:10 and surface should be rinsed thoroughly after application.  To find out more, visit DETERDEK – product information

For more information about FILA solutions, call the Fila UK team on tel. 01584 877286, email or visit


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