Protect your stoneware floor against dirt and keep it clean with FILASTOP DIRT

Though it may not be as delicate as a wooden parquet or marble floor, your stoneware floor nonetheless requires some care to facilitate cleaning and maintenance activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Porcelain stoneware, especially the structured version, is subject to dirt build-up, but can be protected in order to simplify daily cleaning activities. In particular, on this type of material dirt tends to easily build up on the uneven sections and the resulting impurities cannot be removed completely with normal washes.


How can we combat dirt on stoneware surfaces?

To create a protective barrier against dirt on all types of structured and natural stoneware, you can apply FILASTOP DIRT, which now has an even broader application range: specific tests conducted at the FILA Research Centre have confirmed the product’s efficacy also on polished honed stoneware, both indoors and outdoors.

The FILASTOP DIRT dirt repellent has the following advantages:

  • It guarantees lasting protection
  • It preserves the material’s original degree of slipperiness
  • It penetrates deeply into the material without leaving any surface film
  • It resists UV rays and does not yellow


How is FILASTOP DIRT applied on a new surface?

  1. It is important that all newly laid surfaces are first washed with the DETERDEK descaling acid detergent (for cementitious grouts) or with the FILACR10 cleaner for epoxy residues (for epoxy grouts).
  2. Once the floor is clean and dry, you can apply FILASTOP DIRT in a uniform manner, even on grout lines. Given the product’s high coverage, we recommend applying a moderate amount of product to treat 2–3 m2 of surface area at a time.
  3. Subsequently rub the surface using a cloth or floor scrubber fitted with a white disc.
  4. Remove any excess product within 10 minutes.
  5. After at least 12 hours without treading on the treated surface, you can remove any product residues using a clean microfibre cloth.

How can surfaces laid long ago be cleaned more easily and rapidly?

Wash the floor with the FILAPS87 stain remover and degreaser, or with DETERDEK, depending on the surface being treated. Once the surface has dried, apply FILASTOP DIRT (for the application method, follow the instructions specified under Point 2 of the previous paragraph).

What about polished honed porcelain stoneware?

If you have a polished honed porcelain stoneware floor, the suitable product for protecting it against dirt and stains is FILAMP90 ECO PLUS, the eco-friendly stain protector free of hydrocarbon solvents, or the solvent-based alternative FILAMP90.

Daily maintenance of porcelain stoneware

To keep your porcelain stoneware floor clean, after applying the dirt repellent treatment, we suggest using FILACLEANER, the concentrated neutral detergent that respects treated and delicate surfaces and does not require rinsing.


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