Remove polyurethane foam residues with FILAZERO SIL

If you are fond of do-it-yourself and personally mounted your home’s internal and/or external window casings, you probably used polyurethane foam to fill cracks and cavities or to bind different parts together.

Polyurethane foam has a light yellow colour and within the space of 2 or 3 hours, as its initial volume increases by up to 3 times, it moves from the foamy to the solid state, completely filling even the most non-homogeneous cavities through its expansion.

It often occurs – even to the most expert users – that a certain amount of product smears the glass panels and foam accidentally falls on the floor tiles forming a dry residue.


How can polyurethane foam residues be removed?

With FILAZERO SIL this problem can be solved in 20 minutes in just a few steps:

  1. in the box you will find a plastic trowel that does not scratch ceramic or glass: use it to remove any excess polyurethane foam
  2. after shaking the FILAZERO SIL can, apply the product pure on whatever remains on the surface, so as to completely cover any residue present
  3. leave the product to take effect for at least 20 minutes
  4. once the polyurethane foam has softened, collect the residues with a cloth or absorbent paper.

Remember: FILAZERO SIL also removes residues of silicone, glue, adhesive tape and old labels. Read here how to proceed.


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2 Replies to “Remove polyurethane foam residues with FILAZERO SIL”

  1. Hi there,
    Over the weekend we fitted a Portuguese Limestone fireplace. My husband has accidentally got clear silicone on a small area of the surround.
    Would your product be suitable to use on this?

    Kind regards

    1. Good Afternoon Jane,

      yes, it is. FILAZERO SIL is the correct product. I suggest to soak a cloth with the product and to pass it on the surface. Work well the area, then remove the soft residue with absorbent paper.
      Do not let the product remains on the surface for too long.
      Test always the product before the application

      Kindest regards

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