Margraf, a leading company in the extraction, working and processing of natural stone, has chosen FILA for treatment of the splendid marble façade on its headquarters in Chiampo. The polished marble rainscreen cladding was first of all washed with FILACLEANER, then protected with FILASTONE PLUS colour-enhancing stain protector.

Rainscreen cladding (or ventilated wall) is a special kind of wall covering whereby an external layer is applied that does not adhere to the curtain wall, forming a gap between the two. In this way, natural air circulation improves insulation and prevents infiltration problems.

The Margraf headquarters are clad in a very fine, delicate polished marble. To enhance its natural beauty, the façade was first washed with FILACLEANER concentrated neutral detergent, ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces like marble after installation. The second stage entailed application of a coat of FILASTONE PLUS colour-enhancing stain protector.

FILASTONE PLUS protects and enhances the original colour of shiny, polished, untreated and tumbled natural stone such as marble, granite and agglomerates.  It is especially suitable for use on external walls as it does not yellow, is UV resistant and it offers long-lasting protection.
This product enhanced all the splendid natural grain of the marble that makes this material unique and original.

Here are some photos of the work carried out.


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