The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Plus The Best Stone Sealer to Use

Do you have marble anywhere in your home? This post has a lot of tips for keeping it in great condition. Whether a bathroom vanity unit or kitchen worktop, marble is a luxury item and it can add value to your property. It’s also not very difficult to maintain if you know what you’re doing, but be prepared to give a little attention to keep it looking lovely. If you’ve chosen to invest in marble, simply follow this guide as we go through the dos and don’ts of this natural stone.

Do invest in safe cleaning agents

The best advice we could give when it comes to marble is only to purchase cleaning products that are suitable for this natural stone. A pH-neutral cleaner like FILA’s CLEANER PRO will be an effective solution, and ALWAYS REMEMBER to carefully follow the instructions printed on the label.

And don’t use generic cleaners

Another key tip is to avoid generic cleaners or other common products that you can find in the home. If you’re out of your usual specialist cleaner, we know it’s tempting, but instead, always keep a pH-neutral cleaner to hand. A delicate detergent like BRIO will also effectively clean marble without causing damage.

Do wipe marble surfaces regularly

Wiping marble surfaces down on a regular basis can preserve them for longer and prevent them from damage. The longer food and liquids sit on top of your marble, the more likely permanent issues will arise, but with a quick spray with BRIO any nasty grease will be gone!

Don’t leave your marble surface wet for too long

Marble is a porous material and very capable of quickly absorbing liquids. The more water it absorbs, the more dull or sticky it appears, so once you’ve cleaned, make sure to also thoroughly dry.

Do polish your marble

If you end up with acid aggressions on your marble worktop, you can polish these out using FILA’s MARBLE RESTORER kit. It does a wonderful job of brightening up dullness or restoring an area that has suffered acid aggression from spills.

But don’t leave stains to act – polishing is not a worktop protector

Polishing does an excellent job of restoring marble and revitalising the stone to keep it in tip-top condition. FILA’s MARBLE RESTORER, however, isn’t a worktop protector, so if you spill, make sure you act straight away –  some stains can drastically change the colour of marble and cause irreversible damage.

Do learn more before you buy

Many homeowners choose stone as a durable choice without realising the extent of the maintenance it needs. The best thing to do is to learn as much as you can before taking the plunge – countertop designers are also happy to offer advice.

Do not stand or sit on marble countertops

Although it may seem like a natural thing to do, never sit on marble; this type of worktop isn’t as strong or flexible as materials like granite. Also never lean near the cutouts for the hob, sink or the overhang of the breakfast bar.

Do apply a regular marble sealer

If you have marble worktops, a stone sealer will help protect them from stains and facilitate cleaning. We recommend using a marble sealer at least once a year and one ideally suited for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops.

But don’t do it yourself if you’re unsure

When you invest in a high-quality stone such as marble, proper upkeep with a stone sealer is recommended. Applying the wrong type, however, is just as bad as not applying it all and can lead to costly repairs for your worktop. If you’re not sure, it is always best to speak to a professional like FILA beforehand.

The best stone sealer and cleaner for marble surfaces

At FILA, we have a range of professional products for maintaining marble, such as BRIO, which is ready to use. Simply spray BRIO onto the surface, 20-30 cm from the application point and wipe down with a soft, dry cloth. Should the worst happen, our MARBLE RESTORER works on marble surfaces and on all polished limestones. So if your worktops have been attacked by an acidic liquid such as red wine, you have peace of mind any etching will buff out.

FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME is our marble sealer and natural stone protector all in one. It provides environmentally friendly protection for marble, whether polished, brushed, or matt honed and hampers the absorption of common watery and oily stains. This product is also ready to use with no dilution required; simply apply evenly onto a clean, dry surface with a brush. MP90 ECO XTREME additionally has extremely low VOC emissions and will not affect the natural look of the stone – check out our blog post; 5 reasons to use a stone sealer.

If you’re considering marble worktops, hopefully, you feel more aware of the main dos and don’ts of this natural stone. Keeping your countertops clean isn’t a matter of luck; it takes the right tools and knowledge. If you have any questions about caring for marble, why not leave us a comment in the section below? Alternatively, here you can find further assistance with our technical team – at FILA, we love marble, and we are here to help you! Thanks again.

marble stone sealer for kitchen worktops
The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Plus The Best Stone Sealer to Use.

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