70 years of Fila: party time!

Fila 70°Even at the beginning of the year there was a special feeling in the air, something extraordinary going on…

At GoLive 2013, the annual launch meeting for sales activities, there was a different mood to previous editions, references to the long prestigious history of Fila starting to interweave with the more “classic” questions of a technical nature and commercial development addressed in the various work sessions. Objectives, strategies, action plans, schemes for improvement – everything had a special feel to it, the sales teams tackled everything with a certain determination, spirit and commitment backed magically by one thought only: 2013 is the 70th Anniversary year, nothing will be the same as in the past!!!

I felt I could already see different new inspiration in the eyes of Italian and foreign colleagues…

Then we set off and, month after month, fair after fair, meeting after meeting, project after project, marketing office activities saw gradual growing orientation towards the climax of celebrations, the official event and the business event. The President had immediately set the pace for the organisation machine at the beginning of the year: “A moment like the one we will experience this year is an unrepeatable opportunity, not to be missed, not to be wasted… every thought, every project, every activity will serve to enhance to the max the relationship with our clients!”.

This immediately became something of a “motto”, repeated and shared between colleagues and at the start of every organisational meeting. Exchange of ideas, brainstorming, doubts to be dissipated, thoughts, the various normal constructive differences of views and opinions… then, straight to definition of the first project guidelines for what, step by step, over the coming months, was to take shape and become the FILA EVENT!

At a certain point, something “magic” happened: relentless work, determination, commitment and growing harmony of teamwork produced a result that exceeded even the highest expectations. And certainly not because expectations were low, because Fila has always been accustomed to the pursuit of excellence, albeit well balanced and far removed from the risk of self-referencing and self-celebration.

The plain truth is that something special happened – thanks to the inspiring vision of the Management, the mix of creativity, pragmatism and determination of the marketing office, the innovative creative drive of the communication agency and its partners.

A party in two parts, the first dedicated to all our collaborators, major supplier-partners, public institutions and friends of the Pettenon family; the second for clients, the real hub of “company life”, the main benchmark for a company that has always known the secret of success: looking beyond itself, focusing its internal processes on client-centric value.

Along with clients, numerous journalists were also invited to get a close-up look at Fila, in its official “guise” of client relationships.

The second act developed in two important stages: the first, exclusively for clients, on the Friday evening, with a party on board a classic yacht sailing past historic palazzos and the main sights of Venice, the most fascinating beautiful city in the world.

Whereas on the Saturday evening, after a morning spent visiting the company by clients and journalists from the main international sector magazines, the Pettenon family and Fila sales staff welcomed guests on the wonderful terrace of the Hotel Restaurant Westin Regina in Venice on the Grand Canal, opposite the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. A gala dinner in grand style, accompanied by delightful live music, in the light of the full moon against a splendid starry sky.

Villa Contarini, the venue for the first act of the event, and even more so during the nights in Venice, was an even greater success than we had possibly hoped for: applause, smiles, a few emotional tears, pats on shoulders, clammy palms again due to emotion and lots and lots of cheer! We received many messages of thanks, congratulations, heartfelt participation by everyone, even in response to the admirable proposal by the Management to make a tangible sign with a collection for funds to support various important charitable causes, sparing a thought for those less fortunate in life…

This party will be remembered, not just for the good time had by all, not just for the pleasure of having fun together… What will remain is the certainty that we are a great team, one that produces value, that strives to improve, that stops before inevitable difficulties just long enough to reflect and refocus, immediately setting out again towards the set goal.

Thanks to all the marketing team, especially Alessandra, Federica and Paolo, who managed the organisational machine with positivity, drive, passion and great dedication. Thanks to COOEE and its partners, for having put together creative projects of great depth and quality, at times respectfully granting a “whim” or two of ours. Thanks to our technical colleagues, for their valuable, prompt support in the realisation of several important communication projects, from the “R&D video” to the guide for the company visits. Thanks to all our other colleagues, for their collaboration, support and patience shown in understanding the period of great work and inevitable tension that, at times, slowed down some other important activity along the way.

Thanks, finally, to the Management, for having trusted us, especially at all those inevitable times when we didn’t manage to communicate exactly where we wanted and could arrive!

Post written by Andrea Varagnolo


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