Deep-down cleaning with dual-action Deterdek


Looking to spring-clean your patio or blitz an indoor surface?  Finding a product that’s both effective and safe can be a tall order – but dual- action Fila Deterdek is the ideal solution.


Fila Deterdek is a safe, fumeless ‘all-in-one’ descaling detergent that gives an exceptional deep clean without causing damage or altering the appearance in anyway.

It’s ideal for removing ground-in dirt and grout residues, lime deposits, saline efflorescence – and even hard-to-shift rust stains!  And, unlike many traditional descalers, it’s free from muriatic acid, so it doesn’t erode aluminium or steel – or present a hazard to you or the environment.

Fila Deterdek can be used on porcelain and ceramics, as well as terracotta, quarry tiles and acid-resistant natural stone – both indoors and outside.  You can use a single-disc professional cleaner or apply wth a cloth or brush.  Any residue can be removed after a few minutes and the surface should then be rinsed with clean water.

To find out more, contact Fila UK on tel. 01584 877286, email [email protected] or visit

Article written by Angela Fitzhugh



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7 Replies to “Deep-down cleaning with dual-action Deterdek”

  1. Hello, we’re on The a Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, could you please advise if you have any suppliers of Fila Deterdek here.
    Lee Goodall

    1. Hi Lee
      we forwarded your request to our Sales Manager for Australia, he will contact you by email
      Kind Regards

  2. Could you please advise me where I can purchase the acid rescaling agent for floor tile grout? I am in Perth West Australia.

  3. I am looking for Fila Deterdek in my house. I am living in Egypt and i have really stubborn limescale on my floor. I need guidance it is not going away.I have tried many solutions. I need a professional opinion, the reason being the furnishing of the apartment.

    1. Dear Mr. Amro, our technical assistance has just sent you and email with all requested info.

    Having read the Information Notice on the processing of data:
    • To receive marketing activities

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    By clicking send button, I confirm that I request the service indicated in point a) of these guidelines; my consent to the processing of data for the purposes of the service, including the processing methods mentioned in these guidelines, including possible processing carried out in EU member states or non-EU countries.

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