Celebrating 70 years of Fila

Villa Contarini

This is an important year for Fila. In 2013 our company celebrates its first 70 years in business and we are all working hard to ensure that this anniversary will be remembered for a long time to come. In the celebratory program we have two events which we are really looking forward to: one can be called “corporate” and the other is “business”.Celebrating 70 years of Fila

Personally, I cannot wait for June 8, the day of our corporate event. Although the name sounds a little cold, it will be wonderful opportunity to meet up with colleagues from Fila offices all over Italy and to have a chat about how things are going. At the meeting, in addition to the 80 of us who work in Fila’s 6 offices and production units, another 120 people, guests and more, will be there. In all, a total of 200 people will be present. The day of celebration kicks off at FILA’s main premises in San Martino di Lupari, and then continues in lovely Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta.

In this beautiful location, Fila employees will be able the to dine with local politicians, representatives of industry associations and even members of the press. Past employees of Fila will be there too, as will the people from the communications agencies we’ve worked with through the years. Relatives and friends of the Pettenon family will be there as well. We owe the existence of this event to the Pettenon family who, since 1943, have been leading Fila with great foresight and enthusiasm. The evening will be hosted by journalist, public relations and communications expert: Francesca Trevisi. She’ll present the “Casanova Venice Ensemble“, a band which I love for its impressive repertoire which draws inspiration from the scores of great films and well-loved musicals.

The “business”event, on the other hand, will be held over three days from June 21 to 23, at which FILA‘s national and international clients will be the stars. We hold this event in very high regard because it helps us build and strengthen both business and personal relationships with those who have worked with us in recent years.

FILA‘s 70th anniversary celebrations do not end with these two events. The celebrations will continue in the coming months with many other initiatives as Fila is keen to share the importance of this milestone in the company’s history with all those who have contributed to its growth and success.

As employees, we share this sense of pride and passion because we feel at home working for FILA. The person who above all others transmits such a message is none other than Beniamino Pettenon, our president, who, while telling us all about the company’s seventieth anniversary celebrations calendar told us how very pleased he was to be able to share these moments with us. Our president believes that the strength of our company lies in the professionalism and passion of the people who work for it every day.

What more can I say? The big event is only a few days off, and we hope the time passes quickly – but not too quickly – because there are still so many things to do!

Post written by Paolo Rossitto



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