Christmas Kitchen Survival Tips Plus The Quartz Cleaner to Use for Any Surface!

If the thought of hosting Christmas scares you, our quartz cleaner will keep kitchen worktops looking jolly this season. The holidays are considered a magical time and a chance to wind down, but the clean up that follows can be painful for the host. At FILA, we understand kitchens undergo a lot of punishment during this time and so we want to make it easy for you. Get a headstart and follow these tips – here’s our Christmas Kitchen Survival Guide!

Start with a clean slate

One of the busiest times of the year, post-Christmas cleaning should always be thought about upfront. By stocking up on the right cleaning essentials, you’ll be prepared for your guests and ready to tackle anything that the day brings. It’s also a good idea to make sure the kitchen is already clean to make things easy; there’s nothing worse than trying to manoeuvre around a pile of dirty plates. We’d also suggest giving kitchen worktops like marble a coat of stone sealer to protect them from unfortunate staining.

Protect vulnerable surfaces with a stone sealer

If you know your worktops are usually sealed but it’s been a fair while, there’s no time like the holidays to re-apply a stone sealer. Using a sealant will protect your kitchen worktop from stains, oil and water, all of which can potentially cause irreversible damage. MP90 ECO XTREME is compatible with marble and granite to waterproof, protect worktop surfaces and facilitate cleaning. With this product, stains cannot ruin the look of your stone, plus they’ll be easy to clean – just keep a handy quartz cleaner nearby.

Tidy as you cook

Want a tidy kitchen this Christmas but without the hard work? Tidy as you go – we promise this works! Although it may feel like an effort at first, once the food prep is over, you’ll be glad when your kitchen’s still neat. A daily habit of those with clean kitchens, organising the space will give you room to breathe when the serving begins. So put those jars and packets away, load the dishwasher and don’t forget to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

Wipe up spills as they happen

As your countertops will be in constant use, a little accident is bound to happen. Whether it’s a splash of coffee or grease from the food, it’s vital to wipe surfaces if you spot a smear. Our quartz cleaner, REFRESH, is the one for the job for the daily care of surfaces treated with waterproofing products. It may be gentle, but it renews and maintains stain-proofing protection, and because it doesn’t need rinsing, a quick wipe down is very easy to do!

The secret weapon for hard to clean stains!

Although stains should be cleaned right away, it’s not always the case – you don’t have a pair of eyes in the back of your head. So if it’s looking like a stain is dried on and proving hard to remove, at FILA, we have a range of stain products for when the party is over. Tackle grease and fatty stains with FILA’s NOSPOT, a stain-removing spray that can be used on natural stone, quarry tiles and concrete. Additionally, SR95 is great for coloured stains like tea and red wine (it just won’t reverse the etching effect that the acid in red wine can have on marble).

The MARBLE RESTORER for festive accidents

If you’re faced with a glass of spilt drink, red wine is the worst, especially if your worktops are marble. Red wines have an acidic makeup, like fizzy drinks, and when these acids come into contact with marble, they can cause etching. There’s no need to despair, however, because our masterful team have developed an easy to use product. MARBLE RESTORER can be used to revive natural stone surfaces that have been the victim of spills, including worktops, window sills and tables.

Have a post-Christmas dinner wipe down

Once Christmas dinner is done, it’s tempting to wait, but that will only make the job harder. So gather together your helpers and let’s get to work – it should be easy with all the prep you have done. With BRIO, you won’t be scrubbing away at kitchen worktops; this cleaner cuts through grease like a dream on all surfaces. This quartz cleaner can also be used for stainless steel taps, hobs, splashbacks and glass for that post-Christmas kitchen shine!

Indulge in a deeper Boxing Day clean

Christmas means spending more time in the home and is the perfect excuse to tackle those tacks you’ve been meaning to do. So if your guests have retreated, why not perform a deep clean? It’s the best way to see in the New Year we promise! Start by giving floors a good mop with FILA’s CLEANER PRO, a concentrated cleaner that’s ideal for stone and luxury vinyl tiles. This product was also recently classed as Climate Pledge Friendly by Amazon – read more about this concentrated cleaner here.

We’ve made it our mission to take the stress out of cleaning, and Christmas is no exception. For more information on kitchen cleaning advice, why not speak to our team? Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from FILA Solutions! Thank you for reading.

the quartz cleaner for kitchen countertops


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