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How do you remove rust marks from tiles? It’s easy with FILANO RUST!

Have you ever noticed rust stains on your tiles when you move a slightly-rusty clothes horse or sun lounger? We all know how difficult it is to remove rust from surfaces and homemade remedies are often ineffective or just too aggressive for use on delicate flooring.


How do you remove rust from floor surfaces effectively? It’s simple, just use FILANO RUST, the product which will help you eliminate rust stains from marble, granite, natural stone, agglomerates, porcelain and ceramic tiles, terracotta and concrete.

FILANO RUST removes surface rust stains and thanks to its non-acidic formula it is particularly suited to delicate applications like polished marble. Its viscous consistency means it acts directly on the stain you want to remove, thus avoiding wastage and limiting risk of contact with any grass or plants surrounding the area to be cleaned.


How does it work?


FILANO RUST is very easy to use: apply the product on the area to be treated covering it completely, wait 15 minutes (the product’s colour will change to deep purple as it reacts with the rust, indicating that the product is working correctly) then rinse the area carefully with clean water (repeat the application as necessary).

FilaNORUST_1  FilaNORUST_2     FilaNORUST_3

Problem solved: in just 15 minutes your surface is clean and the rust stains have finally disappeared!


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  1. Can you deliver this product in Pakistan? what is the cost of the product and the quantity in one bottle?

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