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How to clean a marble floor with FILACLEANER

resore tile surfacesDo you want to know how to clean your marble floor without damaging the surface? Follow our advices.

Marble is a luxurious material that brings a glamorous feel to the home. It has a dense structure, that makes it really hardwearing and it’s easy to look after. But, it is sensitive to acid and strong alkaline, so make sure you always use a pH neutral cleaning solution, like FILACLEANER.

So called ‘gentle’ householder cleaners are often quite acidic and can etch or ‘eat away’ at a marble surface. At the other end of the scale, products that contain bleach tend to be very alkaline and will strip off a factory finish, leaving the surface dulled and difficult to maintain.

Always remember too that you need to clean your newly laid floor with FILACLEANER before you seal it too! This will remove grout, dirt and other fixing residues. If you don’t, the sealant won’t be absorbed properly – and any residue will become sandwiched between the marble and the sealer!

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