How to Clean External Porcelain Tiles | Why These Pavers Are a Popular Choice

At FILA, we have a degreasing floor cleaner for porcelain tiles that removes even the most stubborn grease from the dirtiest floors. So if you’re considering outdoor porcelain slabs, this post is for you and we have the toolkit to keep your paving looking brand new. External tiles are an increasingly popular choice with a wide selection of styles, and unlike natural stone, these slabs require minimal upkeep. Keep reading as we list the main benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles, plus our invaluable maintenance tips for a patio that’s ultra-modern and clean!

What makes porcelain tiles a great choice for patios?

They create a modern garden aesthetic…

Thanks to advances in printing technology, porcelain paving can mimic natural stone, wood, or cement. This means you can match your outdoor floors with indoors for a seamless effect and create a contemporary garden aesthetic.

…and come with a slip skid rating

Not only that but there’s no risk of anyone slipping – all outdoor tiles have a minimum slip resistance rating of R11. Porcelain tiles are also resistant to moss, which is another factor that could potentially cause a slippery surface.

Porcelain tiles are long-lasting and tough…

Made from refined clay and other naturally occurring materials, outdoor porcelain pavers are usually 20mm in thickness. They’re also unaffected by temperature changes, are resistant to frost and are a great option if you only want to change your patio once.

…plus they are fade resistant

As well as being extremely resistant to mechanical stress and damage, external porcelain slabs are also UV-resistant. This means they’ll never fade in the sun, even on the hottest of days or if your patio is under direct sunlight.

Porcelain tiles are low maintenance… 

Surfaces like natural stone and decking require regular treatments like a sealer to prevent moss and stains. With porcelain, you need never think about sealing, only a regular clean – perfect for those who just don’t have the time to commit.

…and are very easy to clean

While some people enjoy time in the garden performing maintenance tasks, it’s not for everyone we know. The best thing about porcelain patio slabs is that they’re pretty much maintenance-free and one of the easiest paving types to keep clean.

how to clean exterior porcelain tiles

How to clean and maintain external porcelain tiles

Thoroughly clean the tiles after installation

Designed for outdoor use, external porcelain tiles can stand up to pretty much anything. Their only weakness, however, stems from when they’re first laid which is if they are cleaned with the wrong products after installation. If grout residues are not properly cleaned, this can affect the surface performance and the appearance of your tiles long-term. It’s always better to remove any post-application dirt in the days after they’re laid to ensure your tiles never look grubby even when they are clean.

Shockingly, 99% of faults with porcelain tiles originate from this problem, but with FILA, it has never been easier to avoid this full stop. How to clean porcelain tiles is second nature to us, and it will be to you when you have the right products under your belt. DETERDEK PRO is a professional grout cleaner and buffered acid that removes grout deposits and thoroughly cleans porcelain tiles. It’s also effective against rust stains and signs of engobing whether your porcelain tiles have a structured or textured finish.

Use a degreasing floor cleaner that actually works

When it comes to maintaining your tiles, forget the jet washPS87 PRO is a 3-in-1 product and extremely easy to use. Whether you wish to refresh your porcelain tiles or if you have spotted a stain, this degreasing floor cleaner can help! In the event of oily patio stains such as food splatters or drink, simply pour the cleaner undiluted onto the stain and leave to act until dry before washing and rinsing the surface. For the deep cleaning of external porcelain slabs, this product should be applied to the surface diluted in water (1:10-1:20) and left to act for 4-5 minutes before brushing with a scrubbing brush.

Shop surface treatments for external porcelain tiles

So now you know how to clean porcelain tiles, it’ll take no time at all – explore our surface treatments for external patio slabs. Thank you for reading.



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