How to Seal Natural Stone With A Stone Sealer for Every Surface

If you’re the proud owner of natural stone floors or marble worktops, the chances are you’re on the lookout for a reliable stone sealer. For anyone new to this field, natural stone is porous, and a sealer will help to prevent stains from food particles, bacteria and liquids. Essentially an impregnator, sealing products soak into a stone, creating a natural barrier and hence, protecting the surface. If you’re eager to learn how to protect natural stone, keep reading this guide for more on our adaptable sealer!

MP90 ECO XTREME at a glance

Offering advanced and high-performing protection for any surface, MP90 ECO XTREME is a game-changing product. This sealer is a green protector by FILA that defends against dirt and hampers the absorption of common watery and oily stains. Water-based, it’s also ideal for delicate surfaces prone to taking in liquid, one of the downfalls of stone that includes marble and granite. Additionally, this sealer is perfect for crackle-glaze effect tiles, polished porcelain tiles, horizontal or vertical surfaces, including indoors and outside.

The benefits of this eco stone sealer

1. An ecological alternative for the protection of stone

You guessed it, although the clues in heading, this eco stone sealer, has low VOC emissions, is water-based and is an ecological choice. Not only will it be kind to your stone, but it’ll also be kind to your home, and it doesn’t have a chemical aroma like some overpowering solvents.

2. Easy to use and quick-drying

Quick-drying, MP90 ECO EXTREME can be walked on after just 2 hours! It’s also easy to use, with some surfaces only requiring one single coat and a gentle wipe before it is completely absorbed.

3. Doesn’t affect the natural look of any stone

Natural stone must be able to breathe so that its crystallised structure remains intact without affecting the surface. MP90 ECO XTREME does not leave behind a film or yellow, two crucial factors that make this sealer a popular choice for the DIY market.

4. Trusted by some of the stone industries biggest names

This sealer is also a popular choice for many stone brands, and it has been selected to treat the surfaces in some of the UK’s finest buildings. So look out for luxury stone on your travels as the chances are, it has been treated with FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME!

5. It’s ideal for ANY surface!

One of the best things about MP90 ECO XTREME is that it’s a flexible product and can be used on many different surfaces. Whether a marble worktop or stone floor, bathroom tiles, and much more, this sealer covers a range of different applications depending on the homeowner’s taste.

How to seal stone in 3 easy steps

1. Test this stone sealer first

As with any new product, testing this sealer will allow you to check for any colour changes. It will also give you an idea of how it will look and how long the stone takes to dry – that way, there’s a better chance you will be happy with the final finish.

2. Prepare and clean your surface

Using a pH-neutral cleaner before sealing a surface is essential to do and plays a big part in the protection process. Not only will it remove any surface dirt, but it will also clean deeper down and ensure the open pores of the stone are free from other contaminants. Surprisingly, this straightforward action is often missed out, but the consequences can lead to inadequate sealing and, as a result – stains. Our pH-neutral cleaner will ensure your surfaces are ready to go – simply dilute CLEANER PRO at 1:30.

3. Apply this stone sealer with a brush or fleece pad

Once your surface is ready to go, let the application begin! You will need a brush or a fleece pad. For matt finishes, apply this product in an even manner, taking care not to let it splash or run, and dab any excess product with a clean cloth before letting it dry. Highly absorbent materials may need two coats, so be sure to leave 20 minutes in between each one.

For polished surfaces, simply follow the same method above, but before it dries, gently rub the surface with a wet microfibre cloth to aid the process. After the sealing process is done, floors should be ready to walk on after just 2 hours. Be aware, however, that full protection from oil takes around 24 hours and the same to be water-proof.

Try this stone sealer for yourself at home

Discover FILA’s adaptable sealer and shop MP90 ECO XTREMEclick here to find a stockist near you! Thank you for reading.

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