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How to clean resins from garden paving stones and other stone floor surfaces

With the arrival of summer, trees begin to produce natural resins which may then fall onto your garden paving stones, driveway, or on the natural stone surface of your decking. The resins then stick to your shoes and can leave unsightly difficult to remove marks on the flooring in your home.

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Until a few years ago, cleaning natural stone to remove the annoying stains left by tree resins was just about impossible. Indeed, removing resins from natural stone floor surfaces has always been a very tough task. At best, the resin stains would remain or in the worst cases, attempting to remove the resins would make the situation much worse and the stain could even spread to an even larger area. Today though, thanks to surface treatment specialist, FILA, removing resins from paving and other natural stone surfaces is no longer a seemingly insurmountable task: simply use these two Fila products: FILASOLV and FILAPS87.

FILASOLV wax remover is a solvent for removing waxes that you can safely use on natural stone, and a range of other surfaces such as terracotta, stoneware, wood, and even marble.

FILAPS87, on the other hand, is a detergent and wax stain remover remover which is fine for terracotta, stoneware, glazed ceramics, marble, unpolished stones, and even concrete, linoleum, PVC and clinker.

To remove natural resins from your natural stone floors start by wetting the surface and then pouring undiluted FILASOLV or FILAPS87 (diluted – one part FILAPS87 to three parts water) on the surface that needs cleaning. Then rub vigorously with a good quality abrasive sponge. Once you have finished cleaning, you simply rinse off the areas on which you used FILA products and you’re done.

If you have removed resins from the interior stone floor surface, once you’ve finished cleaning, we recommend you reapply a suitable protective surface treatment.

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  1. Last year I had this problem with the trees in my backyard. I couldn’t clean these so called resins. They are like a glue! Thank you for the useful article! This year I will try your method!

  2. I have already used this product and it is magical. I have a few trees in my garden, and the resin which fell down from them ruined my beautiful garden tiles. A friend of mine told me about Filasolv and I decided to try it. A miracle happened! There were not even a sign from the stains.

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