3 Simple Steps to Protect Floors from Stains

Cleaning paving stones

https:\/\/blog.filasolutions.comIf your home has a floor or wall covering in absorbent material like terracotta, concrete or unpolished natural stone, don’t wait until it is irremediably stained – prevent the problem by protecting the surface with FILAW68, the eco-friendly stain protector by FILA that respects the surface and the environment.

Protecting outdoor paving in terracotta, stone or concrete from stains

1. thoroughly wash the whole surface with FILAPS87 degreasing detergent.
2. When perfectly dry, apply two coats, one after the other, of FILAW68 with a paintbrush or fleece applicator pad, working well into the grouting.
3. After just 4 hours the surface is ready for use!


Castelli MonferratoProtecting indoor flooring in terracotta and unpolished stone

1. Wash the surface, then apply a coat of FILAW68 with a paintbrush or fleece applicator pad, working well into the grouting.
2. Wait 4 hours, then apply a coat of FILAJET dirt-repellent protector.
3. Finally, one hour later, apply a finishing wax to give the desired effect: FILAMATT for a natural effect, FILASATIN for a satin effect, FILACLASSIC or FILALONGLIFE for a glossy finish. Once dry (about an hour), your floor will be perfectly protected from any kind of stain!


5 good reasons for choosing FILAW68

Why choose FILAW68? Because it works! Confirmed by the fact that it is multi-certified and the winner of prestigious awards:
https:\/\/blog.filasolutions.com1. You can quite happily use FILAW68 in the kitchen, on your table or worktop in stone, because it is certified “suitable for contact with foodstuffs”.
2. FILAW68 is safe for you and for the environment because it has zero VOC emissions and for this reason it is GEV certified and marked EC1 plus.
3. FILAW68 also helps toward achieving LEED® credits for the certification of buildings with low environmental impact.
4. FILAW68 is from the FILA GREEN LINE of eco-friendly FILA products that won the TTA AWARD as “Best Environmental Initiative”.
5. FILAW68 has been used to protect important buildings such as the Library of Birmingham, the biggest in Europe. A treatment that won the first prize at the TTA AWARDS for “Best use of tile in a commercial contract”.


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